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March 22, 2024

Working Group Scenario

Working Group Scenario

Review the following scenario:

Imagine that individuals within the community action group are meeting to share the social issue they have chosen and the ethical perspective they might use as they consider solutions. Some tensions have popped up in the action group. Your community action small group consists of five people. Two members of the group are highly engaged and seem to work well together. One member of the group, however, is controlling and wants to push their ideas and perspectives on other members of the group. Another member of the group is going through some difficult personal challenges and is not able to participate as much as he would like. Finally, one male team member keeps interrupting a female team member when she shares ideas with the rest of the group.

Complete Parts 1 and 2 below.

Working Group Scenario

Working Group Scenario

Part 1

Identify how someone with each ethical perspective listed in the first column would approach the group and individual members in this scenario by answering the questions in the remaining columns.

Ethical Perspective

Deontology (Ethics of Duty)

Rights Ethics

Ethical Egoism


Based on this ethical perspective, what are the needs of the group in the scenario?

How would someone with this ethical perspective perceive and address the controlling group member?

How would someone with this ethical perspective perceive and address the group member dealing with personal challenges?

How would someone with this ethical perspective perceive and address the male group member that keeps interrupting the female team member?

Working Group Scenario

Part 2

Write a 350- to 700-word analysis of the ways the ethical perspectives presented can impact real-world scenarios, particularly in the workplace:

  • Explain how the different ethical perspectives work in real-world scenarios.
  • Briefly describe a situation that has happened in your life or that you are familiar with where you experienced or were told about these ethical perspectives.

o          In this situation, explain how the needs of the individual can be balanced with the needs of the larger group.

  • Explain the benefits, as well as any downfalls, of these ethical perspectives.

Format any sources you use according to APA guidelines.