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April 18, 2024

When the Devil Knocks

When the Devil Knocks


Watch Documentary: When the Devil Knocks

You will need a Centennial College library account to view this video through the Centennial College Library.

If you do not have an active account then just email the library and they will activate it for you. It is a quick and easy process.

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Note: this will not be auto graded in the system, results will be posted once graded by faculty.

When the Devil Knocks

When the Devil Knocks documents the healing journey of one woman and her recovery from Dissociative Identity Disorder. Hilary Stanton, is the subject of When the Devil Knocks. On October 13th 2012, the feature length version of film (90 minutes) was premiered at the Vancouver International Film Festival and received a standing ovation by the sold-out audience, giving Hilary the recognition she so deserved. Hilary modestly said during the question and answer period, that if one person could be helped by her film, it was worth it.

When the Devil Knocks

Film Questions:

Here are the questions about the content of this documentary (you must complete them in the quiz section of the course in order for them to be graded):

How does Hilary describe the function of alternate personalities? (1 mark)

How does the therapist (Cheryl Malmo) describe the function of the alternate personalities? (2 marks)

How did Cheryl (therapist) approach the alternate personalities? (1 mark)

Hilary reports that all of her alters stay stuck in the time they were created, still trying to fulfill the roles they were created for. How does this complicate her recovery? (1 mark)

How does the therapist describe the techniques that are intended to bring the “alters” into consciousness? (3 marks)

What is Hilary’s fear about integration? (1 mark)

Now that she is integrated, what are the changes that Hilary describes for her life? (1 mark)