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April 25, 2024

The Writing Process Awareness

The Writing Process Awareness

Part 1:

For this assignment you will review literature (at least four articles) on evidence-based research on the process, instruction, and assessment of writing. The purpose is to acquaint you with the research-base that influences most of the literacy instruction and materials that are marketed to elementary schools. The knowledge of the research that is publicized to support instructional methods and programs will facilitate making informed decisions about methods and materials that meet the needs of students. You can also look at Chapters 4, 10, and chapter 13 of your text, as it elaborates on writing development to enhance literacy. You will write 2 pages on summation of information garnered from the research articles and provide a bibliography of articles used.

The Writing Process Awareness

Part 2:

Based on information gathered from your research you will collect a minimum of six writing samples from two of your students and analyze his/her writing development using research, on the characteristics of good writers. You will synthesize the data and analyze it to reflect upon what stages of writing development the children are in and what type of instruction and intervention is needed to increase the student’s writing strength.  Pay attention on what the samples tell you about the child’s abilities in the process of writing, writing conventions, phonics knowledge, and self-regulation (ILA 2.3), you will provide copies of the writing samples as part of your artifacts.

The Writing Process Awareness

At the intervention stage, candidates will show knowledge of the writing process and traits of writing and writing development of children; and develop a sense of community in which children feel free to take risks to write in collaboration with the teacher and other peers.

Plan a lesson to address the limitations you found on the writing samples. In your write up make sure to explain  how you taught the writing process and used writing to develop reading and reading to develop writing to help with their literacy development. Each lesson should include a goal, teaching techniques, strategies, and activities, how you used scaffolding, the texts used, and technology integration. Indicate specifically what digital tool you used to encourage self-expression as you integrate the process to expand opportunities for reading and writing.

The Writing Process Awareness


You will write a reflective, introspective paragraph about the activity stating theory and lessons learned on the writing process. What was the purpose and your role for each stage of the writing process; prewriting, composing, revising, editing, and publishing. Provide example of   books that you could use for ideas, voice, organization in the writing process

Lastly, based on your observation in school, what are teachers doing for reading and writing instruction and assessment, what challenges are they facing, and what approaches do you recommend to colleagues on the aspect of writing which is most often neglected? APA.