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May 24, 2024

The University Environment

The University Environment


All three questions are mandatory and questions #2 and #3, require citations (total of 4 citations).

You should also respond to one classmate’s post (1 point)

  1. Hunting Ground Questions: To watch the film, click here. If you are having trouble with the link:

Go to the A-Z List of e-resources: https://library.fiu.edu/az.php

Search for “Film Platform

Once users enter their FIU credentials, users can search for “Hunting Ground

If you are still having trouble, you can go to FIU Libraries website and click on the link on the right that says “Ask Us.” During business hours they have a librarian who can help you. You can also call them at 305-348- 2451.

The University Environment

The University Environment

This film can be triggering. Please take care of yourselves while you watch it and if you feel very triggered please call CAPS: 305-348-2277.

Your answer should have substance (if you make a statement, explain your reasoning and why you feel the way you do) and connect your answer to the film as much as possible. I am able to tell if students do not watch the film and try to answer the questions anyway. You will receive a zero on these questions if it is clear you did not watch the film.

  1. Describe 2 parts of the film that stood out to you the most and explain why. They may have stood out because they shocked you, you thought they were powerful, or maybe because you disagreed with some aspect. Be as specific as possible (minimum 8-10 sentences, no citations required but always welcome, 3 points).
  2. Were any voices missing from this film? Describe who and why/why not (minimum 3 sentences, no citations required but always welcome, 1 point).
  3. Fraternities and Student Athletes: Using the content from Weeks 10 and 11, summarize the main findings presented in this module on the connection between fraternity membership, student athletics, and sexual violence on campus. Then, discuss your own observations and perspectives: Do you think there is a connection? How/why or why not? Why do you think this is happening? Support your observations with citations (minimum 8-10 sentences, must include 1 citation from Week 10/11 course material and 1 citation from outside the course, 3 points)
  4. Title IX: Using the content from Week 12, summarize the major Title IX changes that took place in 2020 and then again in 2022. Then, describe your reactions to these changes and what you believe is the most fair

approach to managing Title IX cases on university campuses (minimum 6-8 sentences, must include 1 citation from Week 12 course material and 1 citation from outside the course, 2 points)

The University Environment

Discussion Post Guidelines:

  1. (20%) Length. See length requirements above
  2. (50%) Comprehension. Demonstrate an understanding and application of the course readings and outside material to answer the question.
  3. (20%) Citations/References. Four citations total. The purpose of citations/references is to support claims you are making in your answers. You MUST cite using the directions above. Each question may have a different citation requirement, so please read carefully. Citation format should use either APA, MLA, or Chicago style. You should cite both within the text and provide a full reference at the bottom of your response(s). See here for an explanation of APA in-text citations and how to write a full reference.

An example of an APA style in-text citation is (American Psychological Association, 2021).

An example of APA style full reference is: American Psychological Association. (2021). Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. Retrieved from https://www.apa.org/about/apa/equity-diversity-inclusion/language-


  1. (10%) Responses. In addition to your post, you have responded to one other post by a classmate