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September 17, 2023

Technology – Students with Disabilities

Technology – Students with Disabilities. For this assignment, you have been assigned a student named Victor. For Victor, you must identify current and emerging assistive technologies to enable him to participate in high-quality communication interactions and achieve his educational goals. In addition, you will need to provide an adequate rationale for the use of this technology by describing how it will assist the student with disabilities to overcome his learning barriers to meet his/her educational goals.

For Victor, you are to do the following: Identify 6 technologies in a numbered fashion, following the directions for the type of technologies that must be included, and include the information using the bolded headings. You must include the bolded headings in your document followed by your response. Technology – Students with Disabilities. You MUST carefully review your document for quality of writing, use of professional language, and writing mechanics. You must be sure to include some technologies that cover the learner’s goal. See specifically under the learner the types of technologies you must include.

Technology - Students with Disabilities

When you identify the technology to be used you must include each of the following; Name of Technology and its URL: Include the name of the technology, its URL and a brief description. Type of technology. (e.g., software, online learning tool, app, hardware/device, etc. Technology Description: Briefly describe the technology. Be sure to include the features that would be useful to learning.  Write this well enough so that someone could read it and get an overall understanding of what it is and how it works. Technology – Students with Disabilities. How does this technology help overcome the learning barrier(s) and meet the learning goal(s): You must describe specifically what barrier(s) this technology will help the student overcome and how it will help him/her meet his/her learning goals. This is a critical part of the assignment in that it demonstrates your understanding of the usefulness of the technology.

Profile: Victor, Student aged 12.

Learning needs

Victor has a diagnosis of severe learning disabilities, with dyslexia and dysgraphia. Reading Challenges: He is a reluctant reader and because of this when he has to read to gather information to write his composition papers, he is slow and doesn’t always gather the most important information. Writing Challenges: He finds handwriting difficult. His written work is messy and often illegible with very poor spelling. Beyond his handwriting challenges, he has trouble writing or composing papers, that is, he his poor written expression. Technology – Students with Disabilities. He often writes incomplete sentences, has errors in syntax, grammar, and spelling. He often doesn’t know what is important to write. Sometimes his paragraphs lack a main idea, etc. During writing and composition time, he often becomes withdrawn. He is self-conscious about his difficulties and resists working with the teacher’s aide. He has a history of anxiety and now his school attendance has reduced. Academic performance in comparison to her peers has been falling steadily.

Learning goals

  1. Increase and improve his written expression.
  2. Improve his reading for content to better compose papers.
  3. Increase accuracy and complexity writing, improve legibly and spelling.

Assignment: Identify and present in a numbered fashion 5 technologies to help Victor overcome his learning barriers and meet his learning goals. Be sure to include Software, hardware, and/or Web 2.0 tools, low-tech solutions but not simply websites to find information. There should be technologies to support his reading to help him when composing papers, his handwriting, and his composing papers. Technology – Students with Disabilities. Some technologies could support more than one of the challenges.  You can’t have all the technologies support just one of his challenges (e.g., spelling).  For example, you can’t only have reading support technologies or only compositing support technologies, etc. You must include a variety of technologies.

Important: You must include one technology that the teacher would use to facilitate Victor’s learning.  That is, what technology could the teacher use to teach Victor (and the others in his class) improved reading and/or writing skills. Use APA referencing style.


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