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September 26, 2023

Team Report – Women’s Global Issues

Team Report – Women’s Global Issues. The following readings will help you understand concepts related to women’s global issues in terms of education and will help you achieve the learning objectives and complete Team Report 5 and this week’s discussions.


Aragon, J, and M. Miller. 2017. Global Women’s Issues: Women in the World Today. US Department of State. Chapter 2: Women and Education.

Using the Human Development Reports, URL Links to an external site., and other sources from national and international organizations, you will write a short report (about 1000 words, or the equivalent of 5 double-spaced pages). In this report, for your selected country, your team will consider progress or setbacks for women, in terms of education over the last 20 years. Team Report – Women’s Global Issues. The 2021/22 Human Development Report is available at Human Development Report 2021/2022 | United Nations Development Programme (undp.org) Links to an external site.. You will have access to all the reports at Human Development Reports | United Nations Development Programme (undp.org) Links to an external site.. You may find it interesting also the data from the Statistical Annex of the 2019 Human Development Report, available at Human Development Indices and Indicators, PDFLinks to an external site.

Team Report - Women's Global Issues

Take into consideration data from tables 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 from the Statistical Annex of the 2021/22 Human Development Report, Human Development Data Center | Human Development Reports (undp.org). Links to an external site. Other useful sources as a guide to updating information:

  • Education for all development index (EFA), URLLinks to an external site.
  • Neft, N. and A.D. Levine. 1997. Where Women Stand: An International Report on the Status of Women in 140 Countries. New York: Random House.

Aspects to include in your report: 1. Laws governing education in your selected country: is elementary education free? Is it compulsory? 2. Public vs. private spending on education, 3. Percentage of GDP and of government budget assigned to education? 4. Differences between men and women in terms of literacy rates, enrollment figures by levels, average years of schooling 5. Majors selected by females vs. males at the university level 6. Education Quality 7. Primary school dropout 8. The population at least with secondary education 9. Any other relevant facts as appropriate.

Team Report – Women’s Global Issues. Your team report on the status of education for your selected country is to be submitted by each student to this dropbox and posted by one of the team members on the Education Discussion. Use APA referencing style.

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