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March 31, 2024

Tableau Lab

Tableau Lab

Open the Reactors Operating File (xls) Download Reactors Operating File (xls)in Tableau.

Drag the Operating Rx-data.gov sheet into the data connection canvas.

Run interpreter.

Review the Excel file that Tableau generated.

Question 1: Note the changes that the interpreter made.

What data (if any) did the interpreter ignore?

What data were interpreted as column headers?

How many rows did the interpreter remove?

Tableau Lab

Tableau Lab

Select “2018 capacity factor” through “2003 capacity factor” columns and pivot.

Question 2: How many rows does your dataset contain after pivoting?  (Note that Tableau displays a maximum of 1000 rows.  You can increase the maximum number by clicking the box containing “1,000” and increasing the number).

Question 3: Is this dataset ready for analysis?  Would you make any other changes? Explain.

Split the “Pivot Field Names” column (right-click on the column and select split in the dropdown)

Question 4: Are all fields (or columns) named appropriately?  If not, what fields need to be renamed?

Rename fields that need to be renamed.

Question 5: Are all data types correct?  For example, are date fields showing the date icon? Are there any fields that seem numeric but refer to categories?  List incorrect data types.

Tableau Lab

Correct the data types (click on the icon and select the appropriate type from the drop-down menu)

Question 6: Which column contains a calculated field (hint: look for a = in front of the data type icon)?  Why is this column a calculated field?

Click on Sheet 1.  Drag the capacity factor field (the field that was created in the pivot step) to rows.  Notice that the field is aggregated as a sum. Change the sum aggregation to average by right-clicking on the field selecting measure and then average.

Drag the date field corresponding to the year that the capacity factor was measured to the column’s shelf. Note the result. (Hint: examine the x-axis.)

Drag reactor and containment type to color.

Change the date field to continuous (right-click on the field and select continuous). Note how the graph changes. (Hint: examine the x-axis).

Question 7:  How did the graph change when you changed the date field to continuous?  Why is it better to use the continuous field?

You should 1) submit your Tableau workbook (.twbx) here, along with 2) a screenshot of your finished workbook. APA.