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March 23, 2024

Sustainable Healthcare Delivery

Sustainable Healthcare Delivery

Course Objective for Assignment:

  • Identify and evaluate the inter-dependencies of organizations within the healthcare system to recommend partnerships and alliances for sustainable healthcare delivery.

Week 1 Assignment: Your Role to the Assigned Course’s Case Study

Assignment Scenario: You will apply your selected role to the assigned case study for this research paper.

Research Paper Requirements

  • Assignment Submission Due: Tuesday of Week 1 by 11:59 pm EST
  • APA 7th Edition Style: Research Paper, Title Page, and Reference Page
  • Length: Two (2) to three (3) pages, excluding the title page and reference page.
  • Sources: Minimum of four (4) credible references with correlating in-text citations.  One (1) source must be the assigned case study and one (1) source must be from the course content. All sources must be from the last five years unless the sources are seminal works.
  • Scholarly Evidence: Provide scholarly evidence to support your information throughout the research paper.
  • Paper Requirements: Provide an introduction, responses to each Aspect, and include a conclusion. Be sure to sufficiently discuss each Aspect (Aspect 1, Aspect 2, and Aspect 3) and address each topic that is listed under each aspect.

Sustainable Healthcare Delivery

Sustainable Healthcare Delivery

Include the Following Aspects and Topics in Your Research Paper:

Aspect 1. Introduction:

(a.)  Provide an introductory paragraph(s) that clearly discusses the information that will be presented in the paper. Include your selected job title/role; provide any pertain details regarding the case you want to share; and include your thesis statement.

Aspect 2. Your Role Description with Specific Details

(a.) Explain your selected role/title, providing specific details on:

  • Job Description: Functions, duties, and/or responsibilities.
  • Job Requirements: Skills, education, and experience.
  • Organizational and Reporting Structure: Include your potential immediate supervisors and/or managers; subordinate chain; organizational reporting requirements; and/or the employees you may be responsible for managing.
  • Professional Growth Goal: Define at least one goal that you have to achieve by the end of this class associated to your selected role and/or title, include how this new knowledge may support you in your current and/or future professional career.

Sustainable Healthcare Delivery

Aspect 3. Your Role to the Assigned Case Study

(a.).  Discuss one role-specific managerial point that affects the organizational performance with specific details on:

  • Description of one (1) job-specific managerial point that affects organizational performance.
  • Explain how the managerial point may affect the organizational performance from the position of at least two of the following stakeholders: healthcare provider, payer, patient, and/or producer/supplier.

(b.).  Apply your job-specific managerial point to the following topics:

  • A possible organizational outcome for your selected job-specific managerial point.
  • Provide a brief explanation of the potential organizational solution for this job-specific managerial point.
  • Summarize how this proposed solution may impact your job/role and how this solution may impact a provider, payer, and patient.

Sustainable Healthcare Delivery

Aspect 4. Your Role’s Interactions

(a.) Describe the potential role interactions that you may encounter to address the organizational performance, based on your possible organizational outcome and proposed solution with details on:

  • Who are you working with, in what capacity, and why?
  • Provide one (1) example of an interaction with others that may occur to address the organizational performance and solutions.

Aspect 5. Conclusion:

(a.)  Provide a conclusion that rephrases your thesis statement; discusses the importance of the information you shared in the paper; and conveys the broader implications (or bigger picture) to the reader.  You may want to include the significance of your findings from your research and the details that you want the reader to remember.

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