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October 5, 2023

Strategic Marketing – Knowledge Assignment

Strategic Marketing – Knowledge Assignment. Assume you were recently hired as a marketing manager for a Five-Star Hotel in New York City, and the hotel’s management has tasked you with developing a new branding campaign for the hotel using traditional advertising methods. The Five-Star Hotel has been struggling for some time. How important do you believe traditional advertising will be to the Hotel’s strategic marketing program? What types of traditional advertising do you think are most appropriate for the strategic marketing program, and why? And how would you go about implementing traditional advertising?

Strategic Marketing - Knowledge Assignment

Mobile marketing has become an important component of digital marketing campaigns. As the new marketing manager for the Five-Star Hotel, you are considering incorporating digital marketing into your marketing program. How could you justify incorporating digital marketing into your marketing program? Describe how you could use mobile marketing to drive website visits as well as patronage for the hotel. Be specific in your ideas.

Strategic Marketing – Knowledge Assignment. Launching a social media campaign is a strategy you are also considering employing to increase public awareness and patronage of your company’s services. You investigated and found you can use any of the following social media strategies for your campaign; Content seeding, Real-time marketing, Video marketing, Influencer marketing, Interactive blogs, Consumer-generated reviews, and Viral marketing. What advantages and disadvantages of advertising on social media do you think you need to consider before deciding to implement a social media strategy? If you have money for only two of the strategies, which two would you choose? Why?

For this assignment, do not simply define concepts; instead, discuss the relevant underlying concepts and relate them to the scenario you are provided in the questions. You will answer all the 3 questions and submit your paper in a Word document formatted per APA Guidelines. Strategic Marketing – Knowledge Assignment. Your paper should be between 2-3 pages excluding the assignment questions, title page, and reference page. You will provide in-text citations and at least 3 references.