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April 5, 2024

Strategic Business Management

Strategic Business Management

Assignment Title: Innovation Strategy, Business Strategy or Internationalisation Strategy: A Covid-19 Pandemic scenario in Ireland

Summary Requirements

This assessment provides a choice of topic.

You may choose to write an essay on either Innovation Strategy, Business Strategy or Internationalisation Strategy.

You need to provide a detailed case study of a company operating in and/or out of Ireland.

This may be a multinational but you should focus on how they are pursuing their strategy in an Irish context.

Strategic Business Management

Also, you must include on your discussion the actual pandemic situation and how this scenario has been impacting Irish businesses and their strategies.

Some topics are: How is COVID-19 reshaping the role of corporate strategy?; COVID-19:

Implications for business; Crisis Management and Risk Involved etc. (Focus on Ireland).

See PWC session for more insights in an Irish context: https://www.pwc.ie/issues/covid-19.html

Strategic Business Management

Detailed Instructions

Choose either Innovation, Business or International Strategy as a topic

In your essay, address the following points

Introduce your topic and the argument or your report.

Critically assess how a company of your choice is achieving competitive advantage pursing an Innovation, Business or Internationalisation strategy

  • You will need to give a brief background of the company and their competitive position
  • You will need to demonstrate you understand theories of internationalisation or innovation and can apply them. You should provide an overview on the literature in this respect
  • Drawing on the relevant literature critically analyse the effectiveness of the strategy of the company. Analyse the choices the company has made in the area you have chosen.
  • You must include on your discussion the actual pandemic situation and how this scenario has been impacting Irish businesses and their strategies. A critical overview.
  • Evaluate alternative directions and methods or either innovating or internationalising. Do this systematically, using an appropriate framework (such as the ‘suitable, feasible, acceptable’ framework).
  • Throughout your analysis consider the competition

Analysis and conclusions – summarize your argument. Make sure you deal with issues around the sustainability of the strategy in the long term. You might mention what other companies can learn from your chosen firm.

Strategic Business Management

On the successful completion of this assingment, students should be able to:

MIMLO 18.1 Identify the macro-environmental and competitive factors which might affect an organisation and apply this knowledge to evaluating its strategic position.

MIMLO 18.2 Critically evaluate potential strategic directions for an organisation.

MIMLO 18.3 Recognise the importance of global and technological forces in formulating and implementing strategy.

MIMLO 18.4 Apply strategic management tools and techniques to formulate and evaluate a potential business strategy for a selected organisation.