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October 2, 2023

Solving a Community Problem

Solving a Community Problem

 Topic: Providing affordable housing in the USA to reduce homelessness. This week, a preliminary draft of your Solving a Problem in Your Community Essay is due. It should be at least 750 words long. As you write, use the following sample outline as a mental model to help with the structure and organization of your work in progress. Solving a Community Problem. In addition, this week’s discussion topic provides additional details on each element of the outline and will help you to get off to a strong start.

Solving a Community Problem

  1. Introduction
  • Hook
  • Topic, its importance and relevance to readers
  • Specific focus and purpose
  • Thesis statement that previews the solution or solutions to the problem
  1. Problem
  • Causes and effects/impact
  • History of what’s been done and its effectiveness
  1. Potential solutions
  • Option and its advantages/disadvantages
  • Option and its advantages/disadvantages
  1. Recommended solution
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Costs and Benefits
  • Implementation steps and expected outcomes
  1. Conclusion
  • Synthesis/summary/significance and thesis
  • Next steps
  • Call to action

Solving a Community Problem. For this preliminary draft, it is expected that you will address at least the first three sections: the introduction, problem, and potential solutions. Provide in-text citations for at least three of the five sources you are planning to use. Include a references list for all sources used to this point. Follow current APA guidelines for essay format, content, and citations. You should have a title page, references page, and section titles for each body section. Use this example as a template: Student Essay Template.Links to an external site.  Follow current APA guidelines for essay format, content, and citations. Use APA referencing style.

Successful drafts will meet the following expectations.

  • At least 750 words.
  • At least three academic, quality sources used and cited.
  • Current APA format, content, and citations.
  • Formatted as a Word document (.docx file).
  • Submitted via the Week 5 assignment page.