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April 11, 2024

Social Media & Mental Health

Social Media & Mental Health

Literature review – Effects of Social Media on Mental Health

Following the instructions below, write a literature review on the topic you had chosen for your annotated bibliography


1)      The literature review which you are asked to prepare should be about 2000-2500 words (excluding the references).

2)      The review should provide a clear idea of what is known and what is still not known (and is thus deserving further research) in the area you have reviewed.

3)      Your review should be based on the sources which you have annotated for Assignment 1 but you may consider reading additional papers if you find that appropriate.

4)      All sources, which are cited in your review should be included in the list of references at the end of the text. Both the in-text citations and the list of references should follow the APA style. Guidelines for how to apply the APA style are provided here: All Examples – APA – Referencing Guide – Help and Support at Murdoch University

Social Media & Mental Health

Social Media & Mental Health


STEP 1 Find out the main questions that connect all of your sources together

Read carefully the annotations you made as part of Assignment 1 (read again the whole papers, if necessary). Find the main questions which these papers address and try to state explicitly how these questions are connected.

STEP 2 Find out whether the papers you read support the same answers of the main questions (the questions you elicited at step 1)

If they do so, summarize the evidence (arguments) the papers provide for these answers.

If the papers defend different points of view, try to group the main positions and summarize the evidence (arguments) pro and con each of these positions.

STEP 3 Try to identify questions which deserve further research

After presenting the main positions and the evidence for and against each of them, try to summarize what is known and what is still unknown about the questions which are in the focus of your literature review.

On the basis of your summary, formulate new, more specific questions which deserve further research and which must be answered in order to through light on the more general questions which you started with. APA.