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January 23, 2024

SEC302 Applied Stakeholder Analysis

SEC302 Applied Stakeholder Analysis

Individual Term Project Overview

Each student is required to write and submit a 1000-word (excluding cover page, table of contents and references page) essay for their assigned case project.

Students must submit/upload a Microsoft Word file and review the similarity score of their final submission prior to the due date. For the Assessment 3: Essay students must include the following sections:

INTRODUCTION [CLO4] (5 POINTS) – Recommended 50 words

Summary and background of the project including:

  • Overview of how the core problem has come into existence for the community or geographic region based on underlying factors;
  • The justification for undertaking this project and the benefit it will provide for the community and/or geographic region where it is being enacted.
  • Details about one (1) primary objective of the project. In other words, what does the project aim to achieve.

SEC302 Applied Stakeholder Analysis

SEC302 Applied Stakeholder Analysis

STEP 1.1 Stakeholder Analysis [CLO4] (10 POINTS) Recommended 300 words (Excluding Content from Power/Influence and Interest Matrix)

Discuss stakeholder analysis applying:

  • Stakeholder Power/Influence and Interest Matrix with placement of five (5) selected entities.
  • Students are required to select and summarize within the scope of the project the role of a minimum of five (5) stakeholders from the following sectors:
  1. One (1) national/federal level public sector stakeholder from the assigned country.
  2. One (1) local level public sector stakeholder from the assigned country.
  3. One (1) international non-profit sector stakeholder.
  4. Two (2) additional stakeholders from any sector of your choosing including but not limited to financial sector, grassroots citizen-led or otherwise

SEC302 Applied Stakeholder Analysis

Stakeholder Characteristics Target Group Selection [CLO4] (10 POINTS) Recommended 200 words (Excluding Content from Table)

In table form with supporting paragraph summary/details for the characteristics/capacities of each stakeholder including:

  • Justify one (1) reason each stakeholder is important to the project by indication of their tangible/intangible resource contribution OR span of influence;
  • For each stakeholder, one (1) implication that their involvement will have for benefitting the project;
    • Selecting the target group/industry (direct recipients and ultimate beneficiaries of the project’s implementation)

STEP 1.2 Problem Analysis [CLO4] (5 POINTS) Recommended 100 words

  • Assess the core problem associated with the project;
  • Summary of at least one (1) contributor to the core problem that is central to the project;
  • The impact that the core problem is having for the community or geographic region (e.g. economy, employment, critical infrastructure damage etc);

SEC302 Applied Stakeholder Analysis

Role Logical Framework [CLO2] (40 POINTS) Recommended 100 words (Information within the Role Logical Framework Table will contribute to the Essay word count)

  • Create a Role Logical Framework table for the project to include information associated with the four [4] column headings including (1) Project Structure, (2) Indicators, (3) Means of Verification and (4)

 Monitoring and Evaluation [CLO4] (10 Points) Recommended 150 words

  • Summarize one (1) aspect of the project to be monitored throughout the project timeline (5 points) indicating one (1) proposed methods/tools (5 points) to be used for monitoring.
  • Assess how the project is to be evaluated against the stated objective toward overcoming of the noted problem.

 CONCLUSION Recommended 100 words [CLO2=5, CLO4=5] (10 Points)

A summary of the project to include:

  • Details of key problem
  • Importance of stakeholder contributions
  • Benefit of project to the target group
  • Key indicators of monitoring and evaluation


*NOTE: Sources where information is obtained must be cited in APA format and listed in the References Section.