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September 26, 2023

Rookie Referee Case Analysis

Rookie Referee Case Analysis

Adán García is a fourteen-year-old young man who is an excellent student and student-athlete. Academically, Adán excels across the curriculum. And while he played several sports throughout childhood, he is presently committed to his high school football and cross-country teams. On his ninth-grade football team, he is the backup quarterback (“QB2,” as they say in Texas). And – with his 5:04 time in the mile – he is already on his high school’s varsity cross-country team. This past summer, Adán wanted to make a little money. He learned of an opportunity at the Prestonwood Sports Association in Dallas to be a referee for children’s basketball games. See Appendix A for the solicitation. He applied for the position, was selected, paid the requisite training fees, and completed the required trainings.

Rookie Referee Case Analysis

During the training, he was presented with a document called “Independent Contractor Agreement / Consent to Background Check” (see Appendix B). He completed and signed the form. He also completed and signed the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services “Employment Eligibility Verification” (“I-9”) form. Over the course of the summer, Adán worked as a referee for twenty-six children’s basketball games. Each game lasted less than one hour. Rookie Referee Case Analysis.  For each game, he was compensated $13.00. His reviews from colleagues and coaches were good – on the high end of expectations for a first-time referee. He was paid the full amount (26 * $13 = $338) on a lawful and reasonable payment schedule. No withholdings were made from the total paid.

Rookie Referee Case Analysis. At the end of the calendar year, Adán received a 1099-MISC form from Prestonwood (see Appendix C). Prompt for The Case of the Rookie Referee. Use APA referencing style. In eight hundred words or fewer, provide a thorough legal analysis (preferably using the suggested “IRAC” format) of the legal issues presented, which are probably:

Whether Adán was an employee?

Whether Adán was lawfully compensated for his work?

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