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June 5, 2024

Religion & Supernatural Power

Religion & Supernatural Power

Why/How does this institution fit Smith’s (2017) definition of religion?

Were you able to intuit or learn about any notions of the “superhuman power” on which the organization centers?

What activities did you observe that you believe constitution the “practices of religion” that are core to Smith’s definition?

Were you able to grasp some of the organization’s ancillary religious beliefs?

What demographic characteristics appear to predominate among the organization’s members?

How might some of the practices or beliefs you observed reflect or potentially influence social dynamics of class, gender, race/ethnicity, or politics?

Did anything you observed provide insight into the core questions that structure our course meetings?

Religion & Supernatural Power

Religion & Supernatural Power

What aspect, belief, or practice of the visited organization most struck you as sociologically interesting or noteworthy, and why?


4-Do not forget to tell me about what program you are proposing. How will you do your project and tell what will you do at each time point over the 6 months.

  1. Propose a health promotion program using an evidence-based intervention found in your literature search to address the problem in the selected population/setting. Include a thorough discussion of the specifics of this intervention which include resources necessary, those involved, and feasibility for a nurse in an advanced role. Be certain to include a timeline. (2 to 4 paragraph. You may use bullets if appropriate).

Religion & Supernatural Power

  1. Thoroughly describe the intended outcomes. Describe the outcomes in detail concurrent with the SMART goal approach. (1 paragraph).
  2. Provide a detailed plan for evaluation for each outcome. (1 paragraph).
  3. Thoroughly describe possible barriers/challenges to implementing the proposed project as well as strategies to address these barriers/challenges. (1 paragraph).
  4. Conclude the paper with a Conclusion paragraph. Don’t type the word “Conclusion”. Here you will share your insights about this strategy and your expectations regarding achieving your goals. (1 paragraph).


Your assignment should be 3 pages (excluding title page, references, and appendices), following APA standards.

Remember, your Proposal must be a scholarly paper demonstrating graduate school level writing and critical analysis of existing nursing knowledge about health promotion.