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October 2, 2023

Recruitment and Retention Management

Recruitment and Retention Management


Recruitment and retention laws can vary between levels of government. For example, some localities require higher minimum wages than the federal standard because of local livable wage ordinances (local laws). In this assignment, you’ll identify, research, and discuss general federal and local laws affecting recruitment and retention. Imagine yourself as the human resources manager for a local and well-established construction company. Management executives have asked you to redesign the company’s recruiting and retention practices. Your focus will be on updating or creating new policies compliant with local, state, and federal laws governing recruiting and retention. Your first task is to write a brief for management that describes the scope of existing local, state, and federal laws the company must comply with, including any legal requirements specific to the construction field.

Recruitment and Retention Management

Write a 5-6 page management brief using the Management Brief Template (see below) in which you:

Analyze local, state, and federal recruiting and retention laws and practices the company must comply with. Include at least two researched examples of local laws in your area that may impose additional legal requirements on recruitment and retention. These laws are in addition to state and federal legislation. Explain what compensation, benefits, and incentives the company may offer candidates, citing applicable local, state, and federal law. Recruitment and Retention Management. Explain what information the company may and may not solicit from candidates during the recruitment process, citing applicable local, state, and federal law. Explain the legal requirements governing employee retention policies, citing applicable local, state, and federal law. For example, equity in determining promotions and salary. Use at least 5 sources to support your writing. Choose sources that are credible, relevant, and appropriate. Number and cite each source listed on your source page. Use at least 5 sources to support your writing. Use APA referencing style.