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September 28, 2023

Psychology – Ethics Discussion

Psychology – Ethics Discussion

DQ1 Topic: Ethical Use of Power

  1. Look at the infographic on this site (Ethical use of power).
  2. Create 4 themes (even if you want to share your own infographic) to use in a work setting.
  3. Explain how your own themes apply in this work setting.
  4. This is NOT limited to the clinical application of the APA guidelines.  I am opening this up to any work environment.  See link above for ideas.

Psychology - Ethics Discussion

DQ2 Topic: Fallacies for Ethical Decisions

As we progress forward into this week, I am giving you links to explore how cognitive distortions may corrupt the decision-making process.  Listed below are three very interesting web pages from Dr. Kenneth S Pope, who has written on the psychology of ethics for many years. Psychology – Ethics Discussion. As always, I am not endorsing his book, nor do I agree with all of his conclusions, but these pages I think will help all of us contemplate our thinking styles and problem-solving strategies that guide ethical decision making. So, this week you have the opportunity to research very important application of ethics in serious patient populations, and at the same time step back and examine ethical scenarios you may have encountered in your own workplace.

  1. The first page is a link to consider common thinking pitfalls that may lead to unethical behavior.  Take the time to reflect on these categories and maybe you have witnessed some of these in your own careers. https://kspope.com/ethics/ethicalstandards.php
  2. Next, take time to research this list which is a more expansive list of common fallacies in psychology that may appear not only in ethical decision making scenarios. How were these applicable to your own professional experiences and how were they resolved? https://kspope.com/fallacies/fallacies.php
  3. Finally take time to review Dr Pope’s recommendations for steps to align the decision-making process for you: https://kspope.com/memory/ethics.php

Psychology – Ethics Discussion. Now pick a fallacy, share how you think this fallacy derails ethical decision making, and how could you avoid that fallacy. Use APA referencing style.

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