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May 14, 2024

PSYC775 Syllabus Draft Assignment

PSYC775 Syllabus Draft Assignment


In this module you will begin thinking about a hypothetical course you would like to teach in the future. For the Syllabus: Draft Assignment, you will create a draft version of a syllabus for a specific hypothetical course. Before beginning your syllabus draft, you will need to choose a textbook for an undergraduate psychology course and you will use that textbook for this assignment and throughout the rest of the term for future assignments.


Once you choose your textbook and create the syllabus, you will not be able to change your chosen book/hypothetical course for the remainder of the term, so try to pick a subject within the field of psychology that interests you. If you have access to an undergraduate psychology textbook, you are free to use it for this assignment/term. If you do not have access to an undergraduate psychology textbook that you want to use, a list of approved open-access textbooks can be found on the Syllabus: Draft Assignment page under Syllabus: Draft Resources. These books are free to access in full online. If you are not using one of your own previous textbooks, you must choose one from this approved list. Keep in mind that you will not need to read this textbook in full, but rather use it as a guide for assignments throughout this term.

PSYC775 Syllabus Draft Assignment

PSYC775 Syllabus Draft Assignment

After choosing your textbook and course subject area, you will begin to draft a mock syllabus for your hypothetical course. Your syllabus should be for a residential course, although you may incorporate some online components if desired. Your syllabus draft must contain the following sections/pieces of information:

  • Course Information – Course number and title of your course
  • Class Information – Days, time, and location of class meetings
  • Instructor Information
    • Your name, office location, and preferred contact information
    • Your schedule of office hours
  • Course Description – Provide a brief paragraph that gives a general overview of the course subject or main topics.
  • Course Objectives/Learning Goals – Provide a list of 3–5 learning goals for your course. Be sure to start each objective with a learning verb, such as those described in Bloom’s Taxonomy.
  • Required Materials – List any required materials for your course. This section must at least include an APA-style reference for your textbook choice. Any other materials you list must also be in APA style.
  • Course Schedule – Provide a typical 16-week semester schedule for your course. For this syllabus draft, your schedule must include the week number (e.g., Week 1, Week 2, and on through Week 16) along with the topics/chapter readings covered for that week. You do not need to include any assignment information at this time (you will submit this later in the term).
  • Grading Scale – Provide a grading scale that indicates what point ranges will correspond to which letter grades.

PSYC775 Syllabus Draft Assignment

  • Classroom PoliciesBriefly outline policies covering each of these areas:
    • Attendance
    • Late work
    • Classroom behavior/expectations (include details like cell phone use, talking, eating, respect for others, etc.)
    • Academic honesty (include possible repercussions for violations)
    • Accommodations policy (include a statement regarding access to accommodations for those with disabilities)

Feel free to include any other classroom policies desired

You may format your syllabus in any way you choose, as long as it contains all the necessary information. For information that is hypothetical (e.g., course number, location of class/office), you may provide mock information for the sake of creating a complete syllabus. You are also welcome to include any additional information desired in your syllabus beyond the required elements. If you are using another syllabus as a guide, do not simply copy and paste policies, descriptions, goals, etc. You should demonstrate that you can create and articulate these elements in your own words. As stated above, this syllabus draft does not need to include any information regarding what assignments will be given to students and when they will be assigned. This will be completed later in the term. APA.