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March 22, 2024

PSYC3310 Job Analysis Project

PSYC3310 Job Analysis Project

The Job Analysis Project requires that you interview at least 1 friend, family member, classmate, or other incumbent who has a job (i.e., a subject matter expert), and you will conduct a job analysis on that individual’s job. You cannot analyze your own job, and you cannot use the same subject matter expert as another student. Interviews can be conducted via phone, email, or in person.

Formatting must be in 12-point Times New Roman Font with 1-inch tabs. Part 3 must be double-spaced and use appropriate APA style with correctly formatted citations and reference page.

Please include previous project work with your submission in an Appendix (i.e., SME contact information and the job description)

PSYC3310 Job Analysis Project

Part 1: Job-oriented job analysis

Essential Work Behaviors and Tasks (30 points): Work behaviors are major components of a job and are accomplished by performing a number of tasks. List each of the essential work behaviors for the job along with their corresponding tasks. You should include a MINIMUM of 5 duties and 25 tasks (i.e., a minimum of 5 tasks per work behavior). An example can be found in Figure 3.10 on p. 79 of Gatewood 8th edition.

PSYC3310 Job Analysis Project

Part 2: Person-oriented job analysis

Essential WRCs (40 points): Provide a list of the essential knowledge, skills, abilities, and other personal characteristics required to perform the job. You should include a MINIMUM of 10 statements for each category (40 total).

  • Knowledge: What does a person need to know to perform the job (10)?
  • Skills: What must a person be able to do in the job (10)?
  • Abilities: What potential or capacity to develop skills must a person possess to perform this job (10)?
  • Other Personal Characteristics: What other personal characteristics are necessary to perform the job (10)?

Part 3: Discussion of your experience conducting a job analysis

Reactions (30 points): Provide a three-page discussion of your experience conducting the job analysis. Your discussion must provide thoughtful responses to the following questions/prompts, use proper APA style citations where appropriate (e.g., bullet-point 1), and have a reference page at the end:

PSYC3310 Job Analysis Project

  • What is the purpose(s) of conducting a job analysis (1 page)?
  • What did you enjoy most about conducting the job analysis (.5 page)?
  • What was particularly difficult about conducting the job analysis (.5 page)?
  • Compare the information you obtained in your job analysis to the information available on O*NET. Is the job you analyzed typical of the occupation according to O*NET? How is it the same? How is it different? (.5 page)
  • Is there anything that surprised you about your SME’s job or the O*NET job analysis (e.g., education required, wages, job growth, work values; .5 page)? 

Records and Reports

What records or reports do you prepare as part of your job?

Source of Job Information

What is the principal source of instructions you receive for how to do your job (e.g., oral directions or written specifications)?

Other Questions

How long is a typical workday?

Are there any additional elements about your job that would help me better understand what you do? If so, please describe them. Use APA referencing style.