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March 22, 2024

PSY 322 Adolescent Development

PSY 322 Adolescent Development

Gender & Transgender Youth

As you’ve learned in this week’s readings, gender identity is best defined as a social construct. This perspective is particularly important given recent debates about the social, developmental, and biological aspects of gender transition for transgender youth. In this short paper, you are asked to apply what you’ve learned to a recent debate about transgender youth.

PSY 322 Adolescent Development

In your paper, address the following areas:

  • Identify a recent news media article about a policy, education, health, or safety issue related to youth who identify as transgender.
  • Using your readings and scholarly resources, analyze the scientific merits of this debate. Consider what research, if any, supports the perspectives in the center of this debate. What are the consequences of the issue or problem at the center of the debate for transgender youth?

PSY 322 Adolescent Development

What does research indicate as an adequate solution to the problem at the center of the debate?


Approach these activities as (a) an opportunity to reflect upon and apply what you learn each week based on the assigned readings, discussions, and activities, and (b) an opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise based on your educational and professional experiences in the past. As a successful professional, you will need good reflective and writing skills. Journal activities offer you the opportunity to further develop these skills. Journals are private between the student and the instructor. Journals will be graded individually.

PSY 322 Adolescent Development


Throughout this course, you will keep a private journal to capture your reflections and connections as you “raise” a child from birth to age 18. This is a private conversation between you and the instructor. Use the journal as an opportunity to stretch your mind and take some chances. All journal assignments should be supported with evidence from the module resources, your reflections about raising a teenager, and your own experiences.

What to Submit

Submit your assignment as a Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. Use APA referencing style.