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March 17, 2024

Promoting Health Assignment

Promoting Health Assignment

Assignment Criteria and Guidelines

Discuss a lifestyle improvement plan for a patient/an individual/group to promote health.

Think about a health condition (e.g. stroke/diabetes/dementia or an issue that affects health (e.g. pollution/knife crime/domestic violence) that you are interested in or important to you for promoting health or preventing ill health.

Why is this health condition or health issue important?

What do you need to do to promote the health of individual or group?

for the condition of your interest?

Identify a social policy aligned to your topic.

Promoting Health Assignment

Promoting Health Assignment

Assignment Criteria

▪ Identify a health condition or health issue and state a title for your summative assignment.

▪ Introduce your assignment, signposting the purposes and contents, of your assignment (250-300 words) 2 to 4 references

▪ Describe background and explain rationale of health condition / health issue including definitions; (200-250 words) 2 to 4 references.

Identify a social policy / NICE guideline /Government white paper aligned to your health

condition or issue affecting health. (100 words) 1-2 references.

▪ Discuss the epidemiology of your health condition, including risk factors,who is at risk, how

it presents, prevalence or incidence in specific area; population group (200-250 words) 2 to

3 references.

Promoting Health Assignment

▪ Explain an assessment of the health condition, including assessment tools (if applicable); or literature evidence (200-250 words) 2 to 3 references.

▪ Describe a health promotion approach(s) you would apply (150-250 words) 2-3 references

▪ Describe 2 to 3 health promotion goals statements that you would like to achieve, ensuring

SMART objectives (200-300 words) 2 to 3 references.

▪ Critically discuss interventions and implementations for each of your health promotion goal statement, including roles of the individual, relations, groups, communities, multi and inter

disciplinary teams, organisations, departments, etc (700-750 words) 5 to 7 references

▪ Critically discuss the evaluation of your health promotion care planning, especially your interventions, including effectiveness, what works or not work, possible barriers, alternatives, justification, and recommendations. (450-500 words) 4 to 6 references


Reinforce the key elements of your assignment do not any anything new here. (200-300 words) 2 references. APA.