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April 18, 2024

Project 3 Public Communication

Project 3 Public Communication

From Units 1-11, you analyzed and evaluated a source. For your final project units 11-13, you will give your opinion on the issue/topic from Project 2.

Unit 12: Opinion Piece

How do editorials, op-eds, and columns differ as public communication formats? (100 words)

Which format of public communication do you prefer, and why?

Highlight the public communication piece you will write: Editorial, Op-ed, or Column.

State your topic, your thesis, and your support.

What is the debatable question you would like to answer? Turn that question into a statement and give three reasons to support your thesis.

Project 3 Public Communication

Issue: Foodbanks

Question: Should the government provide more funding to Canadian food banks?

Thesis Statement: The government needs to provide more funding to Canadian food banks because of inflation, low wages, and the high cost of food.

Reasons: inflation, low wages, high cost of food.

Project 3 Public Communication

List Sources 1-3 sources. Find a few sources you used to find information about your topic. You can use the same sources from Project 2 if you wish.

What types of Rhetorical Appeals will you use to capture the attention of your audience? (Logical, emotional, and ethical)

Write the Opinion Piece

Outline (point form)

Draft 350 words

Final written piece (Graded)

Project 3 Public Communication

Unit 13: Presenting

Analyze the digital presentation: How Books Can Open Your Mind by Lisa Bu


What did Lisa do in her opening to engage the audience?

How did she close her presentation?

What other techniques did you notice about her presentation that was engaging?

What are two delivery techniques Lisa used in her presentation?

Project 3 Public Communication

At the end of Unit 13:

Upload this completed file and your audio or audio/video presentation in the Project 3 Public Communication assignment folder.  Remember to ensure that you present in a manner that is according to your type of opinion piece. For example, you can take on that tone and voice since the columns are informal and casual. Editorials are more formal, so you may want to take on a more serious manner (similar to news broadcasters). APA.