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May 6, 2024

Positive Psychology & Intervention Process

Positive Psychology & Intervention Process

Getting Started

Research has demonstrated that too few I/O psychologists or life coaches focus on positive psychology and strengths perspectives in working with staff to build organizational strength and cohesion. Whether you work with organizations directly or work with individuals in a life coaching situation, the information you gain from this particular assignment can be applied to your work with clients who may be struggling with their career or challenges they may be having in the workplace. Reflect on this potential crossover as you work on this assignment.

Upon successful completion of the course material, you will be able to:

  • Describe how to utilize foundational principles of positive psychology with organizations during intervention phase.

Positive Psychology & Intervention Process

Positive Psychology & Intervention Process

Background Information

For this final paper, you will apply positive psychology principles to interventions you might utilize when working with staff at organizations. You could be a life coach, or you could be in the role of an I/O psychologist—your choice!


  1. In the Library ebook, Positive Organizational Scholarship: Foundations of a New Discipline, read:
  2. This chapter evaluates the value and impact of focusing on positive emotions in organizations and explores the broaden-and-build theory of positive emotions.
  3. This chapter focuses on appreciative inquiry as well as models and stages of organizational change.
  4. Chapter 11, “Positive Emotions and Upward Spirals in Organizations”
  5. Chapter 15, “Toward a Theory of Positive Organizational Change”
  6. Write a minimum two-page, APA-formatted paper addressing the following:
  7. How will you use principles of contemporary positive psychology during your intervention process when working with organizations, either as an I/O psychologist or as a life coach?
  8. As part of the paper, you will need to identify sources that support your main points. Please provide two outside references, in addition to references from your course readings, in correct APA format in a references list at the end of your paper.