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December 11, 2023

Positive Learning Environment Plan

Positive Learning Environment Plan

Establishing A Positive Learning Environment Plan
Instructions: Develop a plan for the management of the classroom based on
educational research. The plan should include effective classroom management to
include classroom flow, time management (e.g., transition), and a range of strategies to
promote positive relationships and cooperation in the classroom.
1. Personal Theory: 1 page
a. Style/Philosophy, i.e., culturally relevant pedagogy. Or one of the five
orientations to education, such as progressivism or social reconstructionist
b. What is your purpose for teaching and how does your teaching style.
(inquiry-based?) inform your pedagogy?
c. What age group or grade is this classroom management plan designed.

Positive Learning Environment Plan
2. Classroom Environment: Include a response to each of the following. See the sample.
a. Room arrangement.
b. Classroom layout and desk arrangements.
c. Sample Diagram: (You can sketch OR add a picture and attach).

3. Behavior Management: Managing disruptive behavior
a. This section should include evidence of incentives, consequences, and documentation uses for both students and parents. Identify your strategies and outline:
■ Minor interventions:
■ Moderate interventions:
■ More extensive interventions:

Positive Learning Environment Plan

4. Rules, Routines, and Procedures-Classroom Rules & Procedures
Rules: This section should provide a compelling narrative that classroom
procedures are well-planned and consistent with the routines and times of the
instructional day. In your narrative, discuss the following.
a. Out-of-room policies
b. Materials and Equipment
c. Seatwork and Instruction Procedures
d. Managing Cooperative Groups
■ Group arrangement with seating arrangement
■ Example: Students will be arranged in four ability groups and will
form circles. For the first few days, they…
■ Routines and Expectations
■ Beginning group work will be efficient as students will already be
■ Monitoring, Accountability, and Feedback Procedures for Groups.
e. Partnerships with Parents [+5]

Discuss how you will respect and honor your parents, remain in community with them, and your techniques for
maintaining communication.

Positive Learning Environment Plan

5. Instructional Strategies-In this section, the narrative should demonstrate a clear understanding of instructional strategies contributing to classroom management.

Discuss the beginning, middle, and ending of the lessons.
Describe how you will move through your lessons in a way that keeps students engaged and out of trouble and that effectively uses time.
6. Evaluation and Reflection-It should be clear through this reflection that the teacher can think critically to evaluate classroom management.
a. Answer this question in 1-2 single-spaced paragraphs (about half to ¾ of a page and no more than one page): Effective management has been called! a “necessary but not sufficient” component of effective teaching. Explain the “necessary” and “not sufficient” parts of this expression. Use APA referencing style.