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November 30, 2023

Personal Brand Marketing

Personal Brand Marketing

Online, content is king. It is the equivalent to your brand’s currency. You’ll need to consistently deliver valuable and relevant content for purpose of grabbing the attention of your target audience while helping them move closer to the point of hiring you or working with you in some way. The richest form of content is video due to its consumption rate and versatility.

By completing this assignment, you will be able to: (1) Tell your personal brand story through videos that help move viewers closer to working with you by applying call-to-actions that convert, (2) Craft your brand’s message and position your brand so that it speaks directly to your target audience, and (3) Identify and produce the type of content your target audience desires.

Personal Brand Marketing

To prepare for your project this week, complete the following:
Watch a few of the student examples provided below (click on the links to navigate to the demo site). There are many different creative directions you can take this personal brand video. Watching these examples will help move you in the right direction.
Attend all lectures, take notes, and ask clarifying questions.
Personal Brand Video: Student Examples
Take a few moments are review some of the student examples found on the demo site linked below. These examples should inspire and show you how many creative paths your personal brand video could take to meet the project’s intent and objectives.

Personal Brand Marketing


Please note that these are not all expects of perfect student work and, therefore, should not be mimicked exactly. They may be missing the required components. Use them for inspiration on how many ways you can tell your story.

For inspiration [ONLY], consider the professional personal brand videos I found on YouTube (located below).

Note: these are not Full Sail students nor is their work affiliated in any way with this project, course, or University.

While the production quality in these videos is beyond what is expected for this assignment, the concepts applied throughout (storytelling, unique value proposition, professionalism, brand advantage, brand position, vision, values, purpose, and passions) are precisely what you should include in your video.
Professional Level:

Personal Brand Video
For this assignment, you will create a personal brand video that will eventually be embedded in the header section of your website’s portfolio page.
Create a personal brand video that tells your professional story to your chosen THREE TARGET AUDIENCE MEMBERS from week 1. You must speak through the entirety of this video.

The video should showcase your

unique value proposition,
brand position,
professional philosophy,
and personal attributes.
However, do not simply present these in bulleted format. Instead, tell the story of your professional journey thus far and provide a glimpse into where you are headed in your career in a proper story structure. This should be of interest to those three audience members based on your research.
The video must have a strategic call-to-action that gives the viewer something to do immediately after watching the video. This must be said out loud (verbally) and shown on the screen at the same time. It may help to spell out any hard-to-spell names.

Personal Brand Marketing

For instance, “To learn more about how I can help your company improve its digital marketing campaigns, please contact me by visiting my LinkedIn page at www.linkedin.com/in/my name.”
The video needs to be short and concise, between 1-3 minutes long, and you must appear on camera at some point in the video (preferably the entire video). After all, this video is all about you as a professional.

If you choose to include b-roll narration in the video, then please be sure to include pictures of you so the viewer walks away with a visual of who you are and what you do. Once the video is completed, upload the video file to your YouTube channel and publish it. For this activity, it is recommended that you do NOT use background music.

Lastly, your video must be uploaded to YouTube and set to either Public or Unlisted.

***If your video is set to Private, your instructor, and your website visitors will not be able to view the video, which means it cannot be graded and, worse, cannot be viewed by your intended audience.

The personal brand video should be uploaded to YouTube and set to Public OR Unlisted. Use APA referencing style.