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March 17, 2024

Perioperative Nursing in Australia

Perioperative Nursing in Australia

Task Description

The purpose of this assessment is to allow you to demonstrate your understanding of the legal and ethical issues related to the perioperative environment. You will be engaged in a peer-review learning activity exploring legal and ethical issues through a case scenario. In Part A of this assessment task, you will be required to write a 750-word case critique. Your critique will focus on legal and ethical implications in the perioperative environment. When writing your critique, refer to the following prompts to ensure your critique meets the assessment criteria.

Perioperative Nursing in Australia

  • Identify key legal and ethical principles related to the case study and explore these further by reading scholarly literature beyond the unit reading suggestions. (the themes covered within the modules for this unit will help guide you).
  • Critique your findings by exploring issues such as ethics, consent, documentation, communication, teamwork, and accountability as they apply to perioperative nursing in Australia.
  • Identify and evaluate variations between practice that you have identified from the case study and compare this to your own workplace.
  • Provide one (x1) evidence informed recommendation that will help improve perioperative practice.

Perioperative Nursing in Australia

Task Instructions

To help you successfully complete this assessment task, please carefully read and follow these instructions by selecting each of the steps listed below (to reveal information contained within each step):

Please note: it’s very important that you submit your critique by the due date. If you late in submitting your critique, a late penalty will apply and there may be delays in you receiving feedback from peers.

Part A: Case Critique Instructions

  1. Read the following case study [FIND IT ATTACHED] which will be the focus of your critique:
  2. Research beyond the case details, explore scholarly literature and professional guidelines related to your case.
  3. Analyse Legal and Ethical Issues: Identify and critically analyse the key legal and ethical issues within your chosen case.

Perioperative Nursing in Australia

Evaluate Practices and Literature: Compare the case practices to current perioperative practices and guidelines, supported by evidence-informed literature.


Offer one (1) evidence-informed recommendation to improve perioperative practice within own workplace based on your findings. APA.

You will be required to submit your completed 750-word critique Please ensure you have completed the following;

  • completed a Turnitin similarity report

• correctly cited your work and completed a ref