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September 5, 2023

Passage Content Analysis

Passage Content Analysis. In your Content Analysis, only use evidence from assigned readings and lecture videos in your responses. Include in-text citations for the sources used, whether videos, readings, weekly notes, etc. Avoid including lengthy quotes. Instead, paraphrase and explain the relevance and significance of the selected passages or video segments in your own words as much as possible. When paraphrasing or summarizing a source, also cite it with an in-text citation.  For briefer quotations, use quotation marks when you are citing words that are not your own. For your in-text citations, give the author’s name and the page number, if there is one. You do not need to have a Works Cited page because you are only using course resources. Word count:500 words maximum.

Passage Content Analysis

Assignment Prompt

The Afro-Eurasian regions of the world experienced great upheaval during the shift of the late Middle Ages into the early modern period. Crusades, invasions, disease, and population relocation on a mass scale created feelings of uncertainty and anxiety. But out of this also came new ways of thinking about the world, for better or for worse. People in Western Europe, being relatively isolated as they emerged from the Crusades and the Black Death, viewed and acted on their experiences much differently than groups in the East, like the Chinese or the Ottomans, who had similar experiences yet reacted in dramatically different manners. Passage Content Analysis.

Using only course readings explain the historical context in which we see these three groups (those in Western Europe, the Islamic lands, and China) reacting to the world around them as they enter the early modern period–what events altered their global perspectives in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries and how? How did their experiences of past events alter or affect their actions toward their foreign neighbors?

Passage Content Analysis. You must have at least two in-text citation examples for each group from readings for a total of six. Be very specific in your choices, meaning no information dumping. Use APA referencing style.





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