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January 23, 2024

PAS204 Child Protection

PAS204 Child Protection

Assessment 2 – Task: Video Assessment


There has been an increase in online child abuse, grooming and cyber bullying taking place across the UAE.

Numerous parents, schools and children’s organisations have approached the Abu Dhabi Police to ask for their help in trying to prevent these types of crimes.

You have been requested to provide a video to be shown to Parents that helps them to be educated on the potential dangers of the internet and online abuse and how to protect their children. 

PAS204 Child Protection

PAS204 Child Protection


The video should be clear and informative. It must be your own work.

All members of the group must contribute equally to the assignment.

It should be no more than 7 minutes long.

The marking guide (rubric) is detailed below so please make sure you review this.

Students will undertake an authenticity interview with the course instructor after submission.

References should be included at the end of the video.

Ensure that all producing, acting, and recording participants in the video assessment have given their permission to participate. If minors or non-Rabdan students engage as supporting actors, their faces must be blurred due to privacy concerns. Use APA referencing style.

PAS204 Child Protection

Your video must contain the following:

Clear information for Parents on the potential dangers to children when online. (CLO4) This could contain facts about online child abuse internationally.

Clear information and advice for Parents on how to keep their children safe online – both from cyber-bullying or potential predatory behaviour by online offenders. (CLO4)

Information for Parents about applications or controls they can put on their use in order to protect children. (CLO5)

Information for Parents on how to report potential child abuse or concerns (CLO5)

The powers of the Police to investigate the report. (CLO5)

Use APA referencing style.