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April 27, 2024

OMGT2327 Distribution & Freight Logistics

OMGT2327 Distribution & Freight Logistics


In this assessment, you are required to analyse the business model of Rubbermaid Corporation and its implications on retail logistics operations.  Examine the case study provided and assist the company board to decide the future strategy for the company.


A case study scenario will examine your decision-making capability pertaining to logistic and distributional complexities. This assessment will also enable you to define and prioritise customers to improve service quality and deploy a quick response strategy to service delivery based on a customer segmentation approach. This assessment reinforces the learning from the topics on retail logistics models and distribution strategies covered in this course. This assessment contributes to learning and skills development in presenting critical and coherent analyses of a case study and management decision process on aspects of retail freight logistics.

Course learning outcomes

This assessment is linked to the following course learning outcomes:

CLO 1 Examine and evaluate key concepts, models and theories in the field of distribution and freight logistics.

CLO 2 Develop and present critical and coherent analyses and management discussions on aspects of freight logistics.

CLO 3 Apply appropriate techniques and methods to analyse freight distribution and movement patterns and make applicable recommendations.

OMGT2327 Distribution & Freight Logistics

OMGT2327 Distribution & Freight Logistics

Assessment Details

Read the Rubbermaid Corporation (RBC) case study. You have been engaged as a consultant and you are required to analyse the information provided and assist the company board to decide the future strategy for the company. You must prepare your response to the following questions:

  • What are the critical components of RBC’s transportation costs?
  • Do you think that the decision to outsource some parts of RBC’s logistics operations to a 3PL provider is logical?
  • What are your recommendations for the company to overcome the present crisis?

Target Audience

The target audience for this assessment is the company board.

Recommended Length and Structure

Your report will be approximately 1500 words long. It should follow the following format:

  1. Setting out the business context of RBC

In this section, you should set out the business context of RBC including the logistical challenges and opportunities to outsource to 3PL. The context needs to be grounded on the literature review on 3PL and course materials.  Information can be selected from scientific journal articles, books and similar credible sources to support your argument.

OMGT2327 Distribution & Freight Logistics

  1. Critical evaluation and economic rationalisation

In this section, you are required to undertake cost-benefit analysis of outsourcing distribution/transportation function to 3PL as a business strategy to reduce operational costs. Your analysis should consider economic rationalisation of the proposed strategy and its implications on business operations, service quality, and staffing. Use of tables and figures are encouraged to present your argument and decision thought process succinctly and effectively.

  1. Recommendations

You should propose a set of recommendations to the company, along with justification and the potential implications. The relation of recommendations with the previous sections of the report should be clear and understandable for the reader. You should explain how the recommendations can improve the current state. Additionally, the feasibility and applicability of recommendations is crucial as sometimes optimistic recommendations are not feasible in the practice

Referencing Guidelines

Use Harvard style referencing style for this assessment. If you are using secondary sources, include these as a reference list in your report.  You must acknowledge all the sources of information you have used in your assessments. Refer to the RMIT Easy Cite referencing tool to see examples and tips on how to reference in the appropriate style. You can also refer to the Library referencing page for other tools such as EndNote, referencing tutorials and referencing guides for printing.