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October 2, 2023

Nursing Assignment – Documentary Analysis

Nursing Assignment – Documentary Analysis

Watch the Netflix documentary “My Beautiful Broken Brain” and answer the following questions. (1hr 24 m) YouTube link to documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Edjly3z5bF4

What was your initial reaction to this movie? What affected you the most while watching it?

Lotje has a substantial support network. In your opinion, what can people do to ensure they have support if they got into medical trouble?

What obligations do we have as nurses have to provide support for those who do not have such a network?

Lotje decided very early on that she wanted to record everything to ‘make sense of it’.

Would you consider creating such a record during a period of your life when you might

feel especially vulnerable? How might this be helpful to Lotje and to the people who know her?

What are the potential drawbacks?

Discuss Lotje’s reaction when she comes back to see her apartment for the first time after her stroke.

Lotje has difficulties coming to terms with being an in-patient at a neurological rehabilitation center. Why do you think it is so difficult for her to accept?

Lotje describes how difficult it is as a patient suddenly be somebody who is defined by their limitations. Her advice to therapists working with patients like herself is to focus on “things that a patient might find along the way”. What do you think of Lotje’s advice? Do you think it translates for other patient groups as well? Nursing Assignment – Documentary Analysis.

What role do you see hope playing in Lotje’s recovery process?

Nova Scotia Health Ethics Network. (n.d.). Ethics After Hours. http://www.nshen.ca/index.php/nshen-after-hours/

Nursing Assignment – Documentary Analysis

Watch the following TED talk and answer the following questions: (18 mins)



When and how did Taylor realize she was having a stroke? How big did her blood clot end up being?

What are the warning signs of having a stroke?

What does the right brain mainly control? What does the left brain mainly control? How are they different? Nursing Assignment – Documentary Analysis.

What differences or similarities did you see in Latje and Taylor’s experiences with having a stroke?

What was the most surprising thing you learned about having a stroke from watching the documentary and TED talk?

Find one nursing article that discusses stroke recovery as it relates to nursing and discuss what you learned. Cite your source using APA format.