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April 2, 2024

NSG4220 Population Health Nursing

NSG4220 Population Health Nursing

Population Health Assessment and Prevention Project

Part I – Windshield Survey: Drive through your community on different occasions (day vs evening and weekday vs. weekend) to observe and gather data to complete Part 1)

As you assess each area consider the impact on the health of the community and potential community needs (intervention). For example:

  • The effect of the physical environment; contamination of air or water; safe sidewalks for walking; or the quality of housing and potential impact on health outcomes.
  • Consider the implications of reduced access to health care services, food, or emergency care.
  • Consider the implications of educational and work/economic opportunities.

NSG4220 Population Health Nursing

  • Consider the impact of social determinants on health outcomes (for example: relationship between older homes in the community and high rates of lead exposure in children under the age of 5).
  • Think about individual behavior, health beliefs/values or perspectives and the effect on the implementation of health promotion and disease prevention strategies?
  • Observe where and when people “hang out” and their behavior. Are kids playing in the street due to lack of parks/recreation facilities or are the parks/recreation areas unsafe (observe who is “hanging out” in the parks/recreational facilities).

NSG4220 Population Health Nursing

Part II – County Data:

Go to https://www.countyhealthrankings.org/explore-health-rankingsLinks to an external site.


Review the data on the Robert Wood Johnson (RWJ) website and enter the values for your county and state as demonstrated in the template.

For each indicator/cause of death: Find one (1) interprofessional resource that delivers programs or provides information to address each key indicator. The resource should be from either an agency/facility in your county or from your own state Department of Public Health (SDPH), which you can find by searching here: https://www.usa.gov/state-healthLinks to an external site..

NSG4220 Population Health Nursing

Part III – Community Member Interviews: Interview three Community Members (for example: police or fireman; school teacher, community member (no official title), mechanic, or librarian; business owner or store clerk/manager) to determine their perspective on the health of the community.

Part IV – Population Health Prevention Strategies: Identify indicators that present the greatest risks to population health across the lifespan for your state and county. Describe one evidence-based prevention strategy from government resources such as HP 2030, the CDC, or journal articles. Select sources published within the past 5 years; cite using APA guidelines.

Part V – Collaborative Community Planning: Meet with a healthcare member (for example: public health nurse, school nurse, Red Cross nurse, OR a healthcare professional in another discipline) in the community and present assessment findings. Collaborate with the healthcare member to review collected data for the assessed community and outline a program plan to address one priority need for a target population.