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August 29, 2023

Negligence Case Study – Legal Concern

Negligence Case Study – Legal Concern. Jerene, Joey and Xin are international students studying for a Hospitality and Tourism degree in Melbourne. They all met at University having shared accommodation on a University sports trip to Perth. They are all crazy about sport! During the trimester break they decide to travel back to Western Australia to experience some more sporting adventures. When they arrive in Perth, they hire a campervan and head off to the South West of Western Australia. First stop is Margaret River and they decide to stay there for a few nights at a caravan park which has a tennis court and is walking distance to the beach and a lovely restaurant …perfect!!

Negligence Case Study - Legal Concern

After they set everything up, they decide that a game of tennis would be great fun. After about an hour of playing, Xin celebrates a winning shot against Jerene by jumping over the net in triumph…. unfortunately, his foot gets caught in a hole in the net and he actually falls over and fractures his shoulder. The hole in the netting has been there for some time and over the last few months has been getting larger. Xin’s fracture is so bad that Xin must stay in hospital for several nights and then the recovery will be spent back in Melbourne. Holiday over for Xin ☹. Jerene and Joey go out for lunch at the restaurant and order alcohol with their food. They drink quite a lot of alcohol and on the way back to the campervan, Joey wants a photo taken of her standing on the edge of one of the cliffs. They are both so drunk that they fail to see a warning sign that warns the public not to stand close to the edge of the cliff due to the instability of the rocks. Joey loses her footing posing for the photo and falls down the cliff. She is seriously injured and the prognosis is that she will be permanently confined to a wheelchair. Jerene is now very upset about her friends and being by herself that she decides to go to the beach to try and relax in the water. Jerene is body-surfing between the flags, some 60 or 70 metres from the beach when she is struck in the neck by a fibreglass surfboard. She is hospitalized for 5 days and requires intensive physiotherapy.


Negligence Case Study – Legal Concern. Starting with similar cases from the prescribed textbook as well as materials available on LMS, undertake thorough research beyond the prescribed textbook1 and advise Jerene, Joey and Xin with respect to the below issues. Remember that there will be two parties in potential court cases and the defendant will raise any necessary defences available. Use APA referencing style.

a) Xin wishes to sue the Margaret River camping ground for his injuries claiming that they should have replaced the net or at least warned of the danger the hole in the net poses.

b) Joey wishes to sue the local government (the council) in Margaret River for not erecting a fence along the cliff edge.

c) Jerene wishes to sue the local government (the council) in Margaret River for the cost of her physiotherapy and other treatments necessary for rehabilitation as the Town allowed surfboards in the designated area only meant for swimming.

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