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May 3, 2024

MKT3820 Data Visualisation & Storytelling

MKT3820 Data Visualisation & Storytelling

Assignment and Dataset Brief:

The Big Airline is an airline company that offers flights to various destinations. The company has recently collected data on the loyalty programme that it runs. The compiled dataset with the following variables: Loyalty Number, Gender, Education, Marital Status, Loyalty card (this is different loyalty card type – Star, Nova and Aurora), CLV (Customer Lifetime Value), enrolment type (whether it was standard or promotion based), Flight activity year (when the flights were taken by the passengers), Flights booked (number of flights booked), Flights with companion (number of flights that had more than one person), total flights (sum

of flights booked and flights with companion), Distance (total distance travelled), Points accumulated (loyalty points accumulated), Points redeemed (loyalty points used or redeemed) and Dollar cost points redeemed. The title of the dataset is “Assignment 3 The Big Airline” and is available below.

MKT3820 Data Visualisation & Storytelling

MKT3820 Data Visualisation & Storytelling

The Marketing Director of The Big Airline wants you to analyse the dataset to gain insights about the performance of the loyalty programme. You are required to prepare a Tableau storyboard video presentation (recorded in Panopto and submitted along with the Tableau packaged workbook in .twbx format). You should describe what the storyboard shows (imagine that you are presenting this to the management of The Big Airline). It is important to have face-to-camera when presenting the storyboard. The submission of the Tableau packaged workbook in .twbx format will serve as the submission of the technical file.

Some of the questions that you can explore for this task are given below.

  1. Which loyalty card type is mostly held by passengers? Which one is the least held?
  2. Which enrolment type leads to highest number of flights booked? Which one leads to the least number of flights booked?
  3. Is there a relationship between the distance travelled and the dollar cost of the points redeemed?
  4. Develop additional business questions (at least 3 to 4) based on your understanding of the dataset. Prepare visualisations to answer these business questions.

MKT3820 Data Visualisation & Storytelling

  1. Create at least two (2) dashboards based on the analysis above. Each dashboard should have at least four (4) visuals. This will ensure a nice and balanced dashboard presentation.
  1. Create one (1) story(board) based on the 2 dashboards. Remember you will need to present this storyboard to the management of the company.
  2. Review the tutorial exercises and videos for week 9 for this assignment.

In summary, you will need to submit two items for this assignment.

  1. A video submission in .mp4 of your Tableau storyboard (you can use any software but it must be a video submission in .mp4). Please check that the video works fine (e.g., sound is ok).

2. The Tableau packaged workbook in .twbx format (this document will show all the work which was used to prepare theTableau storyboard). APA.