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September 19, 2023

Methods and Results

Methods and Results


The final project for this course is a formal research project based on one of the psychological topics provided, or a topic of your choice (to be approved by your instructor), and it will include the following components: abstract, introduction, methods and results, discussion, and references. Your report should be developed as if it were being presented at an undergraduate research conference. The final project is meant for you to propose a hypothetical study. You are not and should not be conducting human-subject research for this project. It is not necessary for the purposes of this assignment. All human-subject research requires written approval from the SNHU COCE Institutional Review Board in order to protect the welfare and ensure ethical treatment of the subjects.”


Submit a draft of the methods and results sections of your research report. There are several important objectives that need to be accomplished in the methods and results section. The methods section is a thorough description of the procedure you will use for your study, including the following: Methods and Results. A description of the experimental procedure and the setting for your study. The types of subjects and how they will be selected and assigned. How data will be collected, recorded, and analyzed, and a description of the instrumentation used. The methods for the ethical treatment of subjects (e.g., informed consent, debriefing). Clearly described data analysis methods (for the statistics used).

Methods and Results

The results section details the findings from the study and includes the following: Results directly related to the original hypothesis and follow logically from the goals and the design of the research (research questions and hypotheses). Data used to describe patterns and relationships revealed by the study. Conclusions are logically summarized and interpreted in relation to the hypothesis and research questions. The following critical elements in the Final Project Rubric are related to this milestone:

Methods and Results 

Methods and Results. For the next part of your research report, you will develop the methods and results sections, which inform potential readers of how you conducted your study and what the statistical results of the study were. These sections should contain the following elements, which will demonstrate your ability to detail the process of conducting research and to appropriately convey your results:

  1. Explain the methods of how you conducted your study.
  2. Conduct statistical analyses as appropriate.

 What to Submit

The draft of your methods and results sections should be 4–5 pages in length, double spaced, with 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and APA formatting. Cite any references using APA formatting.

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