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October 5, 2023

Measuring Organizational Performance Presentation

Measuring Organizational Performance Presentation. Storytelling is a valuable tool in all aspects of life, whether professional or personal. This is certainly true for human resource management. The best information in the world is meaningless if you are unable to effectively convey it. Storytelling can be used to engage an audience, convey information, and persuade. It can be used to illustrate complex concepts and emotions. In the ever-more significant field of HR, storytelling can positively impact your leadership position. Note: For this assignment, you will use the executive summary you created for your second assignment, HR Challenge: Data for Decision Making: Measuring Organizational Performance.


Measuring Organizational Performance Presentation. Evelyn Unger, senior HR generalist at CapraTek, was very pleased with your executive summary on improving productivity and quality. She has now been approached by Denise Dawson, VP of Operations, to head a team to address improving quality through improved performance at CapraTek. Evelyn wants you to present your recommendations and findings to senior leadership in the organization.

Measuring Organizational Performance Presentation

Building on the data you analyzed and the recommendations you made in your executive summary in Assessment 2, HR Challenge: Data for Decision Making – Measuring Organizational Performance and Interpreting Data, you will create a PowerPoint with accompanying verbal (recorded) or written (text). Tell a story. Measuring Organizational Performance Presentation. Why is this story of numbers important? Why should senior management care? How might the issues be addressed? In your executive summary, you made informed decisions. You now are making the best case you can for this plan. Include what you know about storytelling to make your case.

Your Challenge

Using the Capratek: Data for Decision Making – Measuring Organizational Performance simulation and your executive summary from Assessment 2, create a PowerPoint presentation with accompanying verbal (recorded) or written (text) to create a presentation to senior management of your recommendations.

Assignment Instructions

Prepare a 10–12 slide presentation that uses storytelling to explain data and make recommendations. Along with your recommendations, include the following:

  • Explain the data gathered from the company.
  • Explain the data you reviewed in the CapraTek simulation.
  • Integrate storytelling to effectively communicate your stated positions.
  • Make persuasive recommendations to drive employee performance in the direction desired by organizational strategy.
  • Use the presented data that supports your view.
  • Use illustrative techniques to explain how your recommendations would improve quality and help to achieve strategic organizational goals.
  • Address other key issues (ROI, employee buy-in).
  • Review the HR Challenge: Effective Storytelling: Influencing the Decision Makers Scoring Guide to see the criteria by which your assignment will be evaluated. Before submitting your assignment for evaluation, review your draft in SafeAssignto check your use of source material.