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April 18, 2024

MBUS109 Individual Presentation

MBUS109 Individual Presentation

Assessment Summary

Students will analyse a case study and provide a presentation that uses leadership theories to assess leadership performance in a short case study scenario. The case study analysis presentation is an individual assignment intended to assess the student’s ability to identify, understand and apply key leadership theories to assess leadership performance in the context of a realistic business case. Students are expected to identify the problems/issues in the case, analyse the case using the concepts and models discussed in class and recommend relevant and theory-supported solutions.

Learning Outcome Assessed

  • Demonstrate knowledge of key leadership theories as they relate to organisations.
  • Apply a range of leadership theories to analyse and communicate leadership practice in diverse organizational contexts

MBUS109 Individual Presentation

MBUS109 Individual Presentation

Assessment Type: Individual Presentation

Assessment Prerequisite: Micro credential -Case study Analysis, 5% Due in Week 5

Students will work on case study analysis and preparation of a presentation based on the allocated case


Part 1: Presentation based on case study analysis and uploaded to Turnitin: 10% Due in Week 6

Part 2: Peer review, of presentations of two other students. (5%) Due in Week 7

  1. Assessment Purpose

Students will develop their problem-solving skills and use leadership theories and concepts for improved leadership.

This will enhance students’ analytical and problem-solving skills and the application of their knowledge.

Also doing a presentation will enhance their communication skills.

Students get a chance to reflect on others presentations done in class by other students and do a peer review of two other students, for collaborative learning.

These are the best ways for active learning for students.

MBUS109 Individual Presentation

III. Assessment Description:

Assessment Prerequisite: Micro credential – How to Write a: Case Study,(5% )

This prerequisite consists of an interactive learning tool to prepare you for case study analysis and is worth 5 % of this assessment.

Since this is a prerequisite–for doing the micro-credential please follow the link: http://hed.ciclms.com/course/view.php?id=655,you need to complete all components of this self-guided tool, which provides students with basic case analysis principles and knowledge and support on how to do a case study analysis, It also includes a quiz at the end.

Part 1: Submit Presentations in class: 10%

Students need to analyse the case study and explain in the form of a presentation within a 5 minutes presentation, worth 10% which is to be presented by each individual in class.

Students need to submit their slides on Moodle, presenting their case study analysis in their slides in dot points only.

MBUS109 Individual Presentation

Part 2: Peer Evaluation: 5%

Students will do a peer review, of presentations of two other students.

Students will be randomly asked to provide feedback on presentations of two peers.

Where students will have to review presentations of all other peers and give them quality constructive feedback.

This will be done individually and each student will receive a score based on the averaged peer review mark which will account for 5% of their final grade.

Make sure you do not include unreasonable, illogical and biased feedback.

At least one positive and one negative area have to be identified from each presentation by each individual. APA.