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April 18, 2024

MBUS 107 Business Analytics

MBUS 107 Business Analytics

Everyone should read the below information carefully. Where/when: Submit via Turnitin link on Moodle (below) by Friday of Week 7. The Turnitin link will be available for access after the due date/time. However, if you submit after the due date, a late penalty will be applied, and your marks adjusted (unless you make a successful special consideration application). If you submitted a file before the due date/time, you will NOT be able to upload another file after the due date/time. Weighting: 45% of your final grade. Format: A series of questions relating to a case study are provided. These questions must be answered in the form of an essay. Instructions, and documents containing the case study and accompanying questions are provided in the links below this one. The marks that each section is worth are clearly indicated in the Excel file.

MBUS 107 Business Analytics

MBUS 107 Business Analytics

Some marks are allocated for writing style as per the marking criteria included in the instruction document. If you require help with English academic writing, in particular conventions you should adhere to when writing an academic essay, please contact our English Support tutor, Brian Edmond, at brian.edmond@cic.vic.edu.au. Word count: 2000 words (+10%) General information: Business analytics is an approach to decision-making that is informed by analysis of quantitative and qualitative data. We live in an era where data-capture and data processing capabilities are increasing exponentially.

The challenge for businesses is to determine the best way to take advantage of the wealth of information potentially available to them. For example, methods such as regression models are used to describe and quantify ‘on average’ relationships (e.g. between advertising and sales), to predict new behaviors (e.g. whether a patient will react positively to a medication) and to forecast future values (e.g. next week’s web traffic). This information informs individuals on what decisions to make to benefit their business. This assessment involves addressing a series of generic questions in the form of an essay. The questions relate directly to the case study presented.

MBUS 107 Business Analytics

Key points to note are below:

  • Your answers must be incorporated into sentences and paragraphs that include facts from the case study.
  • All answers must be specific for the business in the case study; marks will not be given where your essay does not relate to the business in the case study.
  • The answers to the questions in the case study must be integrated into an essay, which should include an appropriate introduction and conclusion; no marks will be given for ‘quality of essay’ if a question-answer style is presented.
  • You can present the information in the order that you feel flows best; you don’t have to present it in the order of the questions.
  • Care must be taken in all aspects of the essay, including spelling and grammar.
  • Sources must be referenced, if applicable

Instructions for Preparation

Access the client profile and Excel data file for the case study provided.

Carefully read all materials provided for the case study.

Your Excel data analysis should be performed on the Excel data file provided.

Type your essay into a Word document and be sure to include in-text citations in your essay and a reference list at the end (Harvard style).

Upload the Excel file and your completed essay to the Turnitin drop box.

MBUS 107 Business Analytics

Instructions for Submission

Name your files with your student number and file type, e.g. S81234_Essay or


Upload your completed files to the Turnitin drop box.

Please submit your work as a Word document (.doc or .docx extension). Do NOT hand-write and scan the document. Do not save any text as images.

It is your responsibility to check that your upload has been successful. If you upload a blank file, or a file that we are unable to read, your submission will not be marked.

You will be able to upload to the Turnitin link multiple times before the submission date (if you wish).

We encourage you to upload a ‘practice submission’ before the due date so that you can check that all content you uploaded can be seen in Turnitin.

Be aware that, if you have submitted a file prior to the due date/time, you will NOT be able  to re-upload another document after the due date/time. APA.