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March 17, 2024

Management and Organisational Behaviour

Management and Organisational Behaviour

Learning Outcomes covered in this assessment:

  • Apply analytical thinking, demonstrating a capacity to question existing practices and assumptions, to the study of management and organisations.
  • Identify and give examples of management and organisational behaviour issues relevant to organisations operating in a global and diverse workplace.
  • Express ideas, concepts and arguments in a logical and coherent written form and in conformity with relevant standards of academic writing.
  • Work both independently and co-operatively, demonstrating intercultural awareness and understanding.

Management and Organisational Behaviour

Assignment Information – What I need to do in this assignment.

Duration or word count:  3,500 words


This is a Group assessment. Groups must be between 2 – 5 members.


You are required to review the attached case study (at the bottom of the assignment brief) and address the tasks outlined below.


You are a group of Management Consultants and have been employed to review the organisation structure of ‘Fletchers’ and advise Sean O’Malley.


Your task is to:


1.      Conduct research into various organizational structures and design a structure that you feel would be most suitable to create a more effective and efficient operating environment.

2.      Draft job descriptions and person specifications for the positions of Manager, Supervisors and Sales Assistants.

3.      Outline to O’Malley the benefits of creating a good organizational culture and his role in maintaining a good culture.

4.      You must make recommendations as to the policies and procedures that O’Malley should implement to improve performance.

Each member of the group must submit a reflective essay highlighting the learning from the process of group working identifying any issues, challenges and how they were over come and the lessons learned that would benefit them for future group working.

Management and Organisational Behaviour


Further details:


  1. This is a Group assessment. The group size is limited to between 2- 5 members;
  2. The submission of the group written assignment must contain all of the names of the group members and only one member of the group is to submit the completed assessment;
  3. The individual reflective essay is limited to 500 words and must be completed and submitted by each member of the group via a different submission link;
  4. The assignment is to be written in Times New Roman, Font Size 12, 1.5 Line Spacing, with Headings and Subheadings. The final assignment is to be Justified before submission;
  5. The Group assignment must also include a Table of Contents (with a numbering system and page numbers), Conclusion and a List of References. These are NOT included in the word count;
  6. Do not use Wikipedia as a reliable source for academic information.

Use APA referencing style.