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May 13, 2024


Local Resources Paper Assignment


A multiculturally oriented human services professional must be aware of local cultural opportunities and supports to enhance and increase the empathetic and practical support given to clients. The purpose of this assignment is to encourage you to explore the area where you live to locate local resources and associated services and supports, as well as the particular needs of local clients, which will vary by student location. This assignment will help students identify strengths and areas for growth. Understanding local, relevant cultural needs and resources can help to identify and become aware of potential bias and limitations. When we are prepared to help clients from various cultural backgrounds, this increases self-confidence, and confidence clients have in us as informed, multiculturally oriented professionals.

Local Resources Paper Assignment


Write a 3–5-page paper (not counting the title page and reference page) describing 3 local resources with obvious multicultural orientation. The local resources must be agencies with physical buildings, not solely online sources. You do not need to write an abstract. Follow current APA professional style standards. You may use Scripture as well (see the Writing Style Guide tab for how to cite and reference Bible versions that you quote).

Local Resources Paper Assignment

Begin with a brief paper introduction before going to your first section/heading (do not use a heading for the introduction). In this opening paragraph, state and describe the town/city you live in, including statistics on the cultural makeup (cite and reference the source used for this information). Include population demographics for the town or city you live in (for example, how many people live in your town, age demographics, racial composition, religion, economics, crime rate, education, and any other significant information). What is important to know about the city/town you live in?

Use a heading for each of the 3 local resources. Do not use any additional subheadings; use paragraphs to separate main ideas. As you describe each local resource and the cultural need it best meets, give the address, explain the referral or application process, costs (use a sliding pay scale, take insurance, for example), when the agency was founded, and details of the services provided. Cite and reference the websites or documents used in describing the services of 3 local cultural resources.

Choose 3 different agencies that meet 3 different needs, rather than all three agencies addressing the same social services need. These agencies must have obvious, specific multicultural orientation. For example, a mental health counseling agency does not meet this requirement; however, a counselor fluent in American Sign Language would meet this requirement and be an excellent resource to be aware of. If you note that there is a large Latin American population where you live, for example, aim to find a human services resource that includes Spanish speaking services.

Local Resources Paper Assignment

The resources should be actual buildings with practical supports. If you live in a small town with few resources, it is fine to locate supports that are close by. This is an opportunity to learn new information regarding resources where you live. Do not choose your own current or previous workplace, or agency that you are already familiar with. All work must be original; do not resubmit work you have submitted for this or another class. Multiculturally oriented resources include different languages spoken by staff (including sign-language), older adults, strong faith-based, disabilities (for example, Deaf, intellectual disabilities), focused on veterans, and immigrants. If you have a question about a resource that does not meet one of these cultures, reach out to your professor.

Use a heading for the Conclusion. In the conclusion section of your paper, reflect on your analysis of the multicultural orientation of the area you live in: what needs did you identify, how good of a job do you think your hometown/city is doing, and what areas do you see yourself needing to learn more about and grow in. Because you are writing about your personal response in the Conclusion, it is appropriate to use first person pronouns (I, me, my, for example) in this final section.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality using the Turnitin plagiarism tool. APA.