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September 25, 2023

Literature Review – Chosen Problem

Literature Review – Chosen Problem

Should conduct a review of relevant literature about the chosen issue/problem. Discuss the nature of the issue/problem and give thorough examples of its significance, and the effects on the organization’s success/growth. Based on the reviewed literature, present feasible solutions. Support your arguments with 8 – 10 current scholarly references and present your paper with a minimum of 8 pages and no more than 10.

Content and Structure of the assignment:

Begin the essay with the introductory section. The first sentences should highlight the focus of the assignment, a statement about the topic showing its relevance. You should further explain in this section the purpose and content of the paper following the structure/organization. The introductory section for assignments replaces the abstracts and should inform the reader what he or she is about to read.

Literature Review – Chosen Problem

The issue/problem (description and contextualization). Present the problem/issue and the context (i.e., field/type of workplace or organization without real names). Literature Review – Chosen Problem. Perhaps you need to define the problem, to better guide the reader (i.e., attrition defined by the Department of Education as..) should add the source of the definition. Further explain what it entails, its consequences, and who is involved.

The problem: A Brief Review of the Literature. Present what is discussed in the current literature (i.e., academic journals preferably peer-reviewed) related to the selected problem/issue, evidence (i.e., justification of the existence and relevance) theories related to the problem/issue, and approaches for addressing it.

Potential Solutions for the issue/problem. Literature Review – Chosen Problem. Based on the reviewed literature, discuss ways to address the adverse consequences of the issue/problem discussed previously in the paper. A brief summary of what is discussed in the body of the paper. No new information should be added. The introductory section informed the reader about what he or she was about to read. The conclusions summarize what was found/learned.  Often the readers review the introductory section and the conclusions; then review the section(s) of the paper calling their attention. Use APA referencing style.

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