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September 19, 2023

Literacy Case – Miss Lucy

Literacy Case – Miss Lucy. Miss Lucy begins her lesson by asking the students to share things they have done that they knew were wrong. After the children describe their experiences, the teacher asks why they did these things. She then tells the children that they are going to read the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears (2009) by Caralyn Buehner. Before reading, she has the children look at the pictures in the book to predict what the story is about. The teacher asks the class to think about who does bad things in the story while they read. The class then reads the story silently from beginning to end. Afterward, the teacher asks questions designed to elicit information about the students’ comprehension of the story theme. She asks, what are the main events in the story? Who are the good characters? Who are the bad ones, and why? Why were they good or bad? Was it okay for Goldilocks to go in the bears’ house uninvited? Why yes or why no? Children are asked to discuss favorite parts of the story and read these parts to the class. A discussion follows about the illustrations in the book. Are the pictures important to the story? Do they help tell parts of the story?

Literacy Case - Miss Lucy

Miss Lucy asks the students what types of extended activities they would like to do related to the story, for example, draw a picture or make a felt story. The children decide to act out the story. The teacher helps the children discuss what the major scenes are and who the main characters are. The children volunteer for roles. They follow the content of the story, but without using the book. The children act out the scenes spontaneously. The class is asked to return to their seats, illustrate their favorite part of the story, and rewrite it in their own words.

Literacy Case – Miss Lucy. After reading the scenario, use the following questions to guide a discussion: Are the teaching strategies appropriate? Why or why not? Do the questions posed by the teacher’s foster factual or interpretive thought? Is there an emphasis on specifics or understanding of questions raised? Is the plan flexible or predetermined? Is there time for problem solving in an interactive manner with peers? Is the atmosphere constricted, controlled, supportive, warm, or rewarding? Can children raise questions? Use APA referencing style.


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