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January 23, 2024

Law Journal Articles Requirements

Law Journal Articles Requirements

Requirement of Journal Articles

Please watch five PowerPoint files that give an overview of the legal systems of different five countries and complete five Journal articles based on their content and related materials. Each Journal article requires three pages (double-spaced, APA format).

Law Journal Articles Requirements


The three-page journal on each PPT can be structured as you think best but should include the following:

  1. Generally, describe your reaction to, and evaluation of, the PPT.
  2. In a few paragraphs summarize the most important things you learned about the legal system in that country.
  3. Having watched the PPT, if you were to start doing business in that country what aspects of the legal system would you be most concerned about? Why?
  4. Is there information about the legal system in that country that you would like to have but wasn’t provided in the PPT.
  • Please add some of your own ideas and extended resources as appropriate to enrich the content of the journal article.
  • Each journal article requires 3 pages, a total of five the content of all articles cannot exceed 15 pages, and please put them in one file.
  • APA format, table of contents, and reference pages

Law Journal Articles Requirements

Appendix – PPT Information

These five PPT files can be found in the attachment.

These PPTs will provide an overview of the legal system in countries with which Canada trades significantly. These presentations should explain particular legal risks when doing business with that country.

These PPTs is about the legal system of these five countries below:

  • Portugal
  • Australia
  • Norway
  • Argentina
  • Indonesia

Each PPT will include these contents below (This is also an important scoring criterion for these PPTs

Your team has been hired as consultants by the ABC Manufacturing Company, a successful Canadian company. ABC is planning to open a factory in (your team’s country). The CEO is very nervous about the legal system in that country and asks you to provide a ppt describing the legal system of that country. Use APA referencing style.