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March 6, 2024

Investment & Fund Management Assessment1

Investment & Fund Management Assessment1

You are required to imagine that a friend of yours has just won £1 million on the Lottery. Your friend knows very little about investment and finance and has asked for your advice.

She will give up employment and retire and is looking for an income of about £100,000 per year.  She wants her £1 million to remain intact and grow in line with inflation. She is quite risk averse, so she requires a good spread of investments so that only relatively small amounts are ‘at risk’ in any instrument, company or country.

You are required to suggest a suitable portfolio of investments that might be expected to achieve your friend’s objectives.  Your report must use the concepts on portfolio theory and practice covered in the module to date. You must also use data up to February 2024 in your analysis.  You are required to submit your suggested portfolio according to the deadline:

Investment & Fund Management Assessment1

Investment & Fund Management Assessment1

Your submission (1000 words narrative in addition to the final portfolio spreadsheet) should include a brief explanation and justification of the investments you suggest.

Student Instructions for Submission of Coursework (Assessment 1)

  • An individual assignment based on the following case study is to be submitted by Friday, 8th of March 2024
  • This module requires you to submit your work online via Turnitin on the MyBeckett module page.
  • You MUST submit your work through MyBeckett using the link set up by the tutor. Receipt of your work will be recorded.
  • This assessment is worth 20% of the marks for the module;
  • The word count is 1,000 words;
  • Words included in the bibliography are not included in the word count;
  • You should only use Harvard referencing;
  • Any academic journals and websites referred to must be properly referenced;
  • The text of your assessment must be displayed using a 12-point Arial or Verdana font and with a line spacing of at least 1.5.  Use APA referencing style.

Investment & Fund Management Assessment1


Marks will be awarded for:

  • A sensibly diversified portfolio
  • A logical justification of your choices of investment
  • An attempt to meet the investment objectives of your friend.