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April 20, 2024

INFO1265 User Experience

INFO1265 User Experience


This is fictional. As a result of recent events, the province of Alberta wishes to be better prepared for fighting fires in its province.  The province would like to have an online system that would have the following useful features:

  • Recruiting firefighters and equipment from around the world
  • Soliciting equipment, vehicles and aircraft
  • Notifications about locations and severity of fires
  • Generate alerts for local citizens

Here are some personas in order to help you with the rest of the test.

  • Tuan, an administrator, who uploads information about fires and their severity. Tuan can perform his duties well but may have seizures if he uses software or websites that are not compliant with Accessibility regulations.
  • Manpreet, an administrator who uploads information on recruiting people and equipment that will be needed to fight the fires.

INFO1265 User Experience

INFO1265 User Experience

Part I – Use Cases (20 marks)

Prepare a use case diagram for the application that includes all of the use cases listed in the scenario. (10 marks)

Develop a use case description (using the two-column format) (10 marks):

for the following use case (so you do not have a choice of which use case to implement):

  • Recruiting firefighters and equipment from around the world

You will need at least two forms (screens) in order for the use case to be performed:

  • In one screen, the admin searches information on current and developing fires for to get an estimate of upcoming people and equipment needs
  • In the second screen, the admin develops a posting listing those needs that will be posted on the website. It should include a proposed window of time in which they will be needed, numbers of people and types of equipment with quantities..

NOTE: For your designs you may make simplifying assumptions about sample data. 

INFO1265 User Experience

Part II – Content Plans (20 marks)

Develop content plans for the use case description you developed in Part I. Assume that these are for a laptop design (not a phone).

Part III – Prototypes (20 marks)

Develop prototypes (screens) using JustInMind for the content plans developed in Part II. Assume that these are for a laptop design (not a phone).

Part IV – Accessibility, WCAG 2.0 and AODA (5 marks)

For the prototypes you have developed, explain a strategy for making the use case developed above more accessible for Tuan – who may have seizures. What are two things that could be done to make the use case more accessible? (You do not need to implement these items – simply explain them). Please refer specifically to the WCAG 2.1 Guidelines.

INFO1265 User Experience

Part V – User Experience, Interaction Design and Cognitive Psychology (5 marks)

Here is a short list of Dr. Susan Weinschenk’s principles of software design:

  1. People Have Limitations
  2. People Make Mistakes
  3. People are Social

How might you address two of them in your prototype designs for the scenario specified above? Note that an insightful explanation is expected for this question. It is not necessary to actually incorporate your ideas into the prototypes.

*** Note: To submit your exam, you must incorporate all materials, including charts, diagrams and prototypes into a single Word document and submit it to the Final Exam folder on eConestoga. No other format or type of document will be accepted. Include:

  • Cover sheet
  • Table of contents
  • Page numbers
  • Brief introduction
  • All the deliverables

Brief Conclusions. APA.