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December 8, 2023

HR Management Report Writing

HR Management Report Writing

As the Human Resource Manager at GreenTech Ltd., you are ready to prepare your

next report. You will review, assess, and analyze a topic, event, or case, and based on

your findings, you will share a written report with your supervisor, the Chief Human

Resources Officer (CHRO). Your report will summarize the topic, event, or case and will.

include a recommendation for improving HR practice at your company.

HR Management Report Writing

Unit 7 Topic:

Read the Koeppel v. Speirs case study found in Chapter 15 of your textbook.

readings this week.

Based on your review of the case study, consider the following:

The district court determined evidence of an actual, rather than attempted, intrusion was.

required and granted summary judgment for the defendant. However, the court of

HRM341 – Employment Law

HR Management Report Writing

Unit 7 Assignment Forum

appeals reversed, finding the evidence of intrusion was sufficient to survive summary.

judgment. Most businesses have some level of surveillance systems in place. Consider

how invasion of privacy and intrusion laws impact your practice as a Human Resources


Based on your review of the case study, address surveillance and actual or perceived

intrusion of privacy in the workplace and its effect on the practice of HR.

Part 1

• Summarize the law or legal principle involved. (This can generally be done in one


• Summarize the case or event. Share the important facts and highlights that are important from a Human Resources practice perspective. (This can generally be done with one or two short paragraphs.)

• Explain why the facts and highlights you chose were important for the practice of HR.

HR Management Report Writing

Part 2

• List at least five ways this case or event might impact the practice of HR. (This is a brainstorming activity. A bulleted list is fine for this.)

• Identify which of the five items is most important to HR. Provide an assessment and analysis of that item, along with one directly related specific recommendation for the HR team. The recommendation must be actionable, must be explained, and must be supported with evidence from your readings and research.

(Keep in mind generic statements, broad ideas, unsupported personal opinions, and merely repeating what is in this assignment description do not satisfy the assignment requirements.)

This assignment is your opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the law or legal principles based on the case or event reviewed as it relates to the practice of HR.

This assignment is also your opportunity to demonstrate your critical thinking and analytical skills by using the case or event as a catalyst to explore how HR practices can be improved. Use APA referencing style.