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March 20, 2024

HOTE 2 – Tour Operations

HOTE 2 – Tour Operations

Final Assignment – Design a Tour from Concept to Promotion

The Task:

Here is your chance to put the course teachings into practice – have fun with this assignment and be creative.

Plan and develop a unique multi-day tour from design to promotion stage. Follow the steps for building a successful tour and best industry practices to create a group tour within the following parameters:

  • Minimum 20 tour members
  • Minimum 7 days
  • Minimum 2 destinations
  • Escorted with a group leader
  • Each tour must include (at a minimum): Accommodation, Transportation, Meal(s), Attractions, Group Leader, appropriate taxes and gratuities.

HOTE 2 – Tour Operations

Remember to include the following:

  • Target market – give a description of the demographic group the tour will appeal to and some psychographic characteristics.
  • Clearly state the tour’s theme. Provide some market research indicators to back up your choice.
  • Include the tour’s objective and why it was chosen.
  • Include an inventory (separate section included with final submission).
  • Include the tour itinerary for passengers, being mindful of the factors affecting itinerary development. Specifically name hotels, attractions, meal locations etc.
  • Include the detailed tour itinerary for the Tour Leader – this will be used by them and cross-referenced to the inventory to ensure the tour runs smoothly
  • Include the complete budget/costing for the tour. Make sure the final price is realistic.
  • Include the promotional material in the form of a one page (minimum) promotional flyer. Include how, where, inclusions, price, extras, legal terminology.
  • Include a schedule on how, where and when the tour will be promoted. Remember traditional and non-traditional distribution methods
  • Include a job description for the group leader.
  • Include an evaluation that will be provided to participants.
  • Include your plan for tour follow-up.

HOTE 2 – Tour Operations

Use the following figures required for budget completion:

Office Administration                          $1000.00

Profit per person double –                  15% of Net

Gratuities for coach drivers – $2 per person, per day

Gratuities for step-on guides –            $50.00 per half day

Other gratuities undefined – 15%

Remember if your marketing plan includes selling through the travel trade, you must include a percentage commission, in addition to the profit.

HOTE 2 – Tour Operations

Assignment Details:

For this assignment you will work on your own and prepare a written report in a presentation style. Contents should follow a logical sequence and an index would be appropriate at the beginning of your submission. It is expected that the report will be approximately twelve – fifteen pages in length. A fully detailed Costing/Budget sheet must accompany your work.

All research sources, including costs for budget, must be identified in a reference section. Plagiarism will not be tolerated – you must develop this tour on your own not simply use a tour from a brochure. Tours that are not your own work and have been “borrowed” from established tour operators will receive a mark of 0 for the assignment.


This assignment is worth 30% of your final grade and will be marked out of 60.

Marks will apply as follows:

  1. Target market, theme, objective                                 5 marks
  2. Inventory                                                                     5 marks
  3. Tour Itinerary (5 each)                                                10 marks
  4. Budget                                                                         10 marks
  5. Promotional material and Distribution                       10 marks
  6. Group Leader job description                                     5 marks
  7. Evaluation and Follow-up                                            5 marks
  8. Writing and presentation:                                           10 marks
  • neatly presented document
  • well-formed sentences
  • grammar and spelling error-free

Creativity will be taken into consideration in all the above items – except budget! Use APA referencing style.