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October 13, 2023

Hiring Strategy

Hiring Strategy

Recruitment Plan Picture yourself as the human resources (HR) director of a prestigious company or for the company with which you currently work. Your first task is to create a recruitment plan and to brief the chief executive officer (CEO). In your presentation, dedicate at least one slide per bulleted item below. On each slide, include three to five bullet points to thoroughly address the information.

Use the notes function to add talking points to support your bullet points and to help transition smoothly between ideas. Use additional slides as needed.

  1. What methods will you utilize to recruit potential candidates? Discuss internal candidates versus external candidates.
  2. Identify at least four employment laws that you need to consider during the recruitment process.
  3. How will you advertise for job openings?
  4. Identify if you will use selection tests, background checks, or interviews for the recruitment process. Explain your choices. Hiring Strategy.
  5. Explain why effective recruiting is important.
  6. Explain why including a diverse workforce in your recruitment plan is important.
  7. Identify the strategy that will be used to recruit a diverse workforce.
  8. Identify five key questions that will be asked during the interview process and why the questions were chosen.
  9. Identify why a candidate would choose your company over another employer.
  10. What are common mistakes to avoid during the interview process?
  11. Reflect on the pros and cons of the recruitment process, and list at least two points for each.


Hiring StrategyHiring Strategy

Your PowerPoint presentation must be at least 13 slides in length, including the title slide and APA-style reference slide. Reference your textbook and at least two other sources from the Waldorf Online Library for a minimum of three sources. Remember that this style of presentation allows for some visual creativity. Ensure all graphics used support the content that you are presenting. The background used should be consistent, appropriate to the topic, and not distracting.