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January 25, 2024

Hiring Process

Hiring Process


Hiring is one of the most critical aspects of being a leader. In order to have an effective hiring process, some important preparation must be done before the candidate search, shortlist selection, and interview processes even begin. This assignment is designed to allow you to practice the preparation phase of the hiring process.

In the preparation phase, the hiring team creates a job description that includes all the hard and soft skills desired in candidates, as well as the key responsibilities of the role. After that, the team agrees upon a set of key competencies for the position. Finally, they develop a set of questions designed to enable you to interview candidates for those competencies. All candidates for the position are interviewed with the same set of questions, thus enabling the hiring team to compare candidates effectively.

Hiring Process

Hiring Process


For this exercise, select a position you are currently hiring for, or select a position that may need to be filled in your department or organization in the future. Follow the steps below to create all the required components of the Hiring Sheet for this position:

Step 1:  Develop a Job Description

If there is a current job description for an open position in your department or organization, you can use that for this part of the exercise.

Submit your Job Description as a separate attachment for review. It may be in MS Word or PDF format.  Do not copy and paste it within your assignment.

Hiring Process

Step 2:  Identify Key Competencies

Select five (5) key competencies for the position from this resource: List of Professional Competencies Download List of Professional Competencies

Alternatively, if you wish, you may select four (4) competencies from the list and create one (1) competency of your own.

Step 3:  Rank the Competencies

Rank the competencies that you selected in order, from the most important [1] to the least important [5].

Write a paragraph to explain your rationale for the order of importance of the competencies.

Hiring Process

Step 4:  Create Interview Questions

Develop two (2) questions designed to assess each competency that you selected for use when interviewing candidates.

Your final list of questions for the position will contain ten (10) questions.

Submission Requirements

The assignment is typed and double-spaced, with a professional font (size 10 – 12)

Your submission includes two documents: a Job Description and your Hiring Sheet.

Hiring Process

The Hiring Sheet is submitted in MS Word document format

Includes a Cover Page with the assignment title, your name, the professor’s name, course title, and date

Includes a brief Introduction, five Key Competencies ranked from most to least important, and your rationale for the ranking of competencies

Includes two (2) interview questions designed to assess each key competency, for a total of ten (10) questions

The assignment is written in a formal manner, with correct spelling and grammar

References are included and provide appropriate information that enables the reader to locate the original source

Citations and references must follow the formatting instructions found in the JWMI Writing Standards Guide. Check with your professor for any additional instruction. apa.