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October 6, 2023

HCMG 4901 – Article Critique

HCMG 4901 – Article Critique. Reviewing a Scientific Paper. The article assigned for this critique is “Environmental Determinants of Quality of Life in Nursing Home Residents with Severe Dementia

If there are several parts to a question, you must answer all parts to receive complete credit.

  • For each answer, use parenthetical citation to cite the article, section of the article, and page number where you found the information in the article, e.g., (Garre-Olmo, et al., 2012, Discussion, p. 1234)
  • Each question is worth 10 points.
  1. Please provide the APA style Reference section citation for this article. (See Content Module 3.)
  2. What institutions do the authors represent?
  3. How was this research funded? Did the sponsor have any role in the research process?
  4. Is a conflict of interest statement included? What does it say?
  5. What ethical procedures are mentioned? What organization provided ethical approval? What information is given about informed consent? HCMG 4901 – Article Critique.
  6. Are clear research objectives stated? What is the objective of this research?
  7. Was the research done with people? If so, please identify the target population.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    HCMG 4901 - Article Critique
  8. What type of research design was used?
  9. What is the setting of the data collection?
  10. Are there inclusion criteria? If so, list them here.
  11. Are there exclusion criteria? If so, list them here.
  12. What type of sampling was done? Briefly describe the sampling process.
  13. What was the sample size? Why was this sample size chosen? Was a power analysis conducted?
  14. How were the data collected?
  15. Why were proxy respondents used? What information was collected about the proxy respondents?
  16. What are the independent variables? How were they measured?
  17. What is the dependent variable? How was it measured? (Give a brief description of the instrument used to measure the dependent variable.) What reliability measures are presented for the dependent variable? Are any validity measures presented?
  18. Did the research use control variables to address potential confounding? Please list them here.
  19. What types of statistical analyses were used?
  20. In one sentence, state the major study finding. HCMG 4901 – Article Critique.
  21. What are the stated limitations of this research? (Keep in mind that ALL research has limitations. This is not a FAULT in the study.  It just gives the reader additional context regarding the findings.)
  22. What future research should be done? Why?
  23. How can a nursing home administrator use the information from this study?