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March 23, 2024

Harold’s Symptom Case Scenario

Harold’s Symptom Case Scenario

The following cases have strange and unusual visual deficits, what is going on (or not going on as the case may be) in their brains? Based on what you’ve gathered from lectures and the textbook, please explain what is going with each symptom in each case.  Make sure not only to be specific with your answers but also explain why you came to your conclusions.

Harold's Symptom Case Scenario


Case 1: Harold’s Symptom #1 (RVF deficits)

Properly labeled the condition and described what was intact and what was disrupted for portion of his vision

Case 1: Harold’s Symptom #2 (color blind LVF)

great description of a possible mechanism for the colorblindness

Case 2: Jane’s Symptom #1 (MCP in Right Hemisphere)

comprehensive description of what is the function of the magnocellular pathways along with an accurate explanation of how this would then impact vision

Harold’s Symptom Case Scenario

Case 2: Jane’s Symptom #2 (PCP in Left Hemisphere)

Here there was a complete description of the P-cell pathway function along with how, in this particular case, it would be disruptive to one particular visual field

Case 3: Matthew’s Symptom #1 (Dorsal Pathway in Left Hemisphere)

A clear and accurate description was provided of the dorsal pathway and how loss of this pathway in that particular hemisphere would lead to certain

Case 3: Matthew’s Symptom #2 (horizontal cells) name and description of deficits

  1. Case # 1: Harold has several visual deficits.  First, he reports that he is unable to “see” anything in his right visual field.  However, if an object moves within the right visual field he is able to say what direction it moved, but will be unable to name the object that moved.  Secondly, he is colorblind (dichromatic red-green colorblindness) in his intact functioning left visual field.  Based on this limited information, speculate what could be going on in Harold’s brain that would produce such deficits.

Harold’s Symptom Case Scenario

  1. Case # 2: Jane was in a car accident.  The accident damaged the magnocellular pathways in the right hemisphere and the parvocellular pathways in the left hemisphere.  What would you imagine her visual performance would be like after the accident?
  2. Case # 3: Matthew damaged the dorsal pathway of his left hemisphere in a motorcycle accident.  What problems do you think he may have due to this damage?  Also, he was born without the inhibiting connections of horizontal cells between photoreceptor-bipolar interactions.  Thus, his horizontal cells cannot work properly to inhibit surrounding bipolar receptive fields.  What types of function would most likely be lost because of this (name it) and what type of deficits would you expect from the loss of this function

Use APA referencing style.